I have that or not to perform under that pressure. It’s a football kind of setting but it’s much more nerve racking because I’m used to playing football in front of thousands of screaming fans. That’s my comfort zone. In golf, that’s a different situation, but it’s one I always look forward to.

Could you see yourself playing golf at a high level, like tour golf, in the future? Honestly, that is a goal of mine. When I’m done with football I want to be completely done with football. I want something different, a new challenge, and golf is something I would like to pursue. Being (in Phoenix), there are plenty of opportunities and I will have plenty of time to practice. As well as I’ve been able to play as a part-time golfer, I think if I put my full focus on it and dedicated myself the way I have with football, I think the sky is the limit.

Who would be in your dream foursome? I have already played with Michael Jordan and I would have to put him in there because he is, by far, the coolest athlete I have ever met. Knowing the competitive edge he had as an athlete, you might not expect him to have the personality he has. He’s always cracking jokes, always going to pick on you and he loves to bet, so it’s pure fun being around him. I’ve got to put Jack (Nicklaus) in there because he is the legend, and I also would have my fellow Under Armour (sponsored) guy Jordan (Spieth). What he is doing at his age is unbelievable. Definitely need him in there.

What is it like when you and your teammates play together, is there any money or trash talk involved? Oh man, all of the above. There is a lot of trash talk and bragging rights for the most part. It’s always back and forth about who beat who and by how much. We don’t just talk about how bad we beat each other, but every little detail about how we did it. It’s a lot of fun.

You are pretty much a self-taught golfer aren’t you? I am. I have had a few tips that did help but for the most part I have done my own thing because I want to be comfortable with myself. I have looked at a lot of

lessons on the Internet but felt like the instructor wanted the pupil to swing like a pro. I’m not trying to be a pro at this point. I’m trying to hit the ball in a way that is comfortable for my body. Physically, I can’t do some of the things people have told me I should try to do with my swing. I have to do what is right for my body. I didn’t want that other stuff in my head. I want to hit the ball in a way that I’m comfortable with and still make it go where I want it to go.

OK, turning to football, when this season started, how good did you think this Cardinals team was going to be? Honestly, I thought it was going to be darn good because of what we were able to accomplish the previous two years. You could feel the energy continue to roll over to the next season. You could feel a sense from all of the players that we are almost there, we just need to dial in everybody as players and coaches and managers and do the little things to put us over the top. We have done that and now it’s paying off. The process works, we are sticking to it and there’s definitely something special going on, and I knew we would be in that position if we did what we’ve been doing, which is dialing in for 60 minutes every game.

Let’s say the Super Bowl goes to sudden death and is going to be decided by one player from each team hitting a golf shot. How confident would you be about taking that shot? I’m very confident. Like I said before, I’m fearless. If the challenge is to hit it in a bucket, I’m going to put all my money on me. I’m going to hit it in that bucket.

Suppose one of your teammates wants to hit that shot instead of you? OK, I would have to give it to (punter) Drew Butler. He grew up playing with Bubba (Watson) and Chris (Kirk) and guys like that, so he’s a plus-3 (handicapper). He’s been playing since he was 4 years old and has a divot worn on the sweet spot of all of his clubs. Carson also has been playing since he was young and he’s the old man of the team now. So Drew and Carson are the only guys on the team who I’m a little afraid of on the golf course. But they both started playing long before I did, so they got a pretty good head start on me. Give me a little time, I’ll catch up. n


Arizona Cardinals All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson is hosting his inaugural golf tournament at Camelback Golf Club’s Ambiente Course on March 19-20. The Patrick Peterson Celebrity presented by LourdMurray, will feature a unique reception and silent auction at the Penske Racing Museum in Phoenix, as well as the tournament at Camelback. The tournament benefits the Patrick

Peterson Foundation For Success, and features teammates and peers from the pro ranks as well as other entertainers. The format calls for three amateurs and one celebrity in a best-ball shamble. In 2013, Peterson launched his

foundation aimed at helping children. Its first campaign was entitled “Pick Up A Book,” a program designed to encourage reading and children’s literacy development at 60 disadvantaged elementary schools throughout the Phoenix area. The winners, or the school kids who read the most books, attended San Marcos Elementary of Chandler, which went from being one of the lowest rated schools for literacy in the nation to being ranked in the top five. LourdMurray, an investment firm with headquarters in New Orleans and Beverly Hills, Calif., will be this year’s presenting sponsor. LourdMurray is known for its comprehensive wealth planning and financial publications and is headed by Blaine Lourd and Palmer Murray. But other official tournament sponsorship packages remain available for $15,000, with foursomes going for $7,500. Individual entries cost $2,500, and tee markers are $2,000. For more information on how

to be a part of the inaugural Patrick Peterson Celebrity, contact Kevin Marsh at JP Sports and Entertainment,

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