Enterprises (SMEs) throughout the West of England by helping them to start and grow through incentivising investment and providing business advice. Bringing together a number of highly

Growing through investment T

he Enterprising West of England (EWOE) programme has been launched to support Small to Medium Size

respected support organisations across the region to deliver a suite of support services, the programme is relevant to SMEs at every stage of growth. It will take businesses on a growth journey,

working closely with them from initial registration to taking on their first member of staff or their first product launch. Businesses can join the programme

at any point, and access each service independently of the others. The four support levels on offer are:

1. Start-up Test your ideas, write a business plan and start your own business. Workshops and one-to-one sessions will help you understand what’s involved in starting a business, and once you’re ready, you’ll be supported in taking your first steps.

2. Get investment ready Take your business to the next level and create an investment readiness plan focusing on customer demand in the markets you’re hoping to break into. Identify, apply for and secure the money you need to generate sustainable growth for your business.

3. Scale up It’s been proven that business coaching leads to great results, but good business coaching can be expensive, especially for a recently registered company or a small business with a tight budget. Take away the financial pressure with a ‘Scale Up

Coaching Grant’ and choose the right business coach to help you

realise your goals. Scale Up Coaching Grants are available to SMEs

based in the West of England who are looking to grow or plan to create new jobs within 12 months. A scale up coaching grant will give businesses the support they need to effectively develop their business. Whether this is through developing leadership skills, expanding management knowledge or advancing business strategy, a scale up coaching grant will give businesses the head start they need.

4. Work efficiently You might be able to save your business money just by managing your resources better. The environmental resource efficiency workshops will get you on the right path to becoming more effective and efficient, saving you both time and money.

Tara Gillam (pictured), head of enterprise,

Business West, said: “This is a unique programme as it not only unifies the business support offering, but it brings together leading local business support providers. To have such reputable organisations as The Prince’s Trust, YTKO Group, Business West and all four local unitary authorities onboard ensures that the support available to businesses will be second to none. “A key objective of the Enterprising West of

England programme is to provide equality of access to business support services, and we will have specific activities targeted at young people, disadvantaged areas and ethnic minorities.”

For more information or to apply to receive support, visit enterprising-west-of-england To apply for a scale up coaching grant, visit: grants

South West set for construction boom

The South West construction sector is one of just three UK regions forecast to grow in 2018 – and planning processes will need to be further streamlined to meet sustained demand. That’s according to fast-rising Bristol builder

Helm Construction, which is busy recruiting for a range of residential and commercial projects across the city. Helm Construction chief executive Gary

Sheppard said: “We see a positive outlook for the construction sector through 2017 and into next year – particularly in residential development and also in infrastructure. But there is a marked lack of focus on public

6 insight MAY/JUNE 2017

transport infrastructure – which needs to be geared up to cope with fast-rising demand. “One thing needs to happen – we need to

speed up our planning system processes and procedures with an aim to encourage construction to meet growing demand.” He went on: “We believe we will see better

use of technology within our business – particularly in the field, with technology being increasingly used to improve on-site communication, speed and quality control.” But he said the planning system needed to

adapt in order to keep pace with demand. The Brownfield regeneration specialist has built hundreds of homes in the city over the past

three years – many of them in tricky inner city sites or on abandoned, Brownfield space in the city’s suburbs. Gary added: “Bristol has seen, for the second

year in a row, the fastest growing house prices in the UK and there is enormous appetite to build the houses the community needs. “While we can’t compete with the big

national housebuilders, we fill an important role in delivering small, Brownfield developments within the city boundaries. “We find our schemes frequently prompt

neighbours to think about undertaking the same sort of project – creating a domino effect as householders follow their neighbours’ example.”

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