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Almost one year on from the EU referendum, we now have greater clarity as to the preferred shape of the UK's future relationship with the European Union. We know that the UK will not seek continued

membership of the single market, meaning that businesses will, in all likelihood, be subjected to a number of restrictions when trading their goods and services in the EU. We know that the UK wants to introduce controls

on EU immigration, thereby restricting the ability of firms dependent upon migrant labour to employ EU workers. And furthermore, that the current Government

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will seek a new 'customs agreement' with the EU to replace its current membership of the customs union, which in theory should protect free trade between the UK and EU members. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that

A call for clarity despite uncertain political climate

every negotiation involves two parties and what you get relies on what others are prepared to offer. The Brexit negotiation is complicated further because it involves 27 other countries, with separate economic and political concerns, and of course the Commission too. Not forgetting, the small matter of a general election on 8 June, which could change

‘What business craves is certainty and stability, even if the events of the past 12 months have offered precious little in this regard’

the course of the negotiations entirely. Many businesses will view this as an added dose of uncertainty, while others will

welcome the opportunity, either to affirm or to question, Theresa May’s vision for Brexit. Above all, however, what business craves is certainty and stability, even if the events

of the past 12 months have offered precious little in this regard. At Business West this has served to galvanise our commitment toward helping

members make the very best possible decisions for their business by helping them to plan for Brexit.

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