Finance facility is right on cue

BCE Distributors, the global supplier of Riley Snooker tables and cues, has secured a £750,000 finance facility from Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance as it looks to expand its presence in the US market. Having achieved a turnover of

£4m in its latest financial results, the business aims to increase revenues by a further £1m within the next two years. Stuart Lacey, managing director

at BCE Distributors, said: “Having done a thorough search of the lending market, we preferred the option of Secure Trust as they were more nimble and took a more flexible approach. We look forward to growing our business and, thanks to Secure Trust, the envisaged strategy can now become reality.”

companies after meeting challenging quality checks. Hudson Business Accountants and

Advisers have become Registered Auditors and can work with medium and large businesses which have a turnover greater than £10m. The company in Crown Glass

Place has met all the requirements set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) – a world leading professional membership organisation to become registered auditors. Della Hudson, who has trained with accountancy

firms in London and has nearly 30 years’ experience, said: “This is a major achievement for us and means that we can continue to grow the business by providing services for bigger clients.” Hudson’s currently deals with anything from a start-

up to high growth business. Della added: “We love the variety of our work and supporting clients at various

stages of their business. Thanks to this accreditation, we can now handle our clients’ accounts and audit them as they continue to grow.” The firm, which recently celebrated preparing online

returns to HMRC in record time, has also installed modern accounts software in order to take on more clients.

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Accountants check out! A

team of accountants in Nailsea can now work with multi-million pound

Della Hudson (second from right) and her team of accountants


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