The pick-up that really ‘works’


road towing vehicles I have ever driven. At the launch, held in rugged Yorkshire moor terrain, the pick-up capably took me along a swollen fast-moving river, teetering on the brink of steep inclines and through muddy and slippery forest tracks. Its prowess is just amazing. The original D-Max was launched in 2012 and the biggest change to this


workhorse can be found under the bonnet. A new 1.9 litre diesel engine out performs the previous 2.5 litre engine and at the launch, happily towed its sibling and heavy bales of hay, equalling a 3.5 tonne payload. There was a lot of talk about ‘Ad Blue’ bandied around among the

motoring journalist fraternity. The liquid solution of urea is increasingly appearing in new diesel cars to help reduce exhaust emissions. Isuzu was keen to point out that its engines are so clean, meeting the strict and latest Euro 6 emissions standard which came into force last year, that this solution is not needed. Apparently AdBlue is added to most cars displaying a ‘Blue’ badge. So for a work horse vehicle, that is pretty impressive. But then I was pretty impressed with

‘This pick-up

a lot of the features on the D-Max. There are new exterior changes and a choice of single cab, extended cab and double cab. The extended cab, which has under seat space storage, is perhaps more comfortable transporting skinny adults or children! The interior, particularly on the top of the range Blade is quite luxurious

is one of the most capable off-road towing vehicles I have ever driven’

with an upgraded premium leather trim with orange Blade design. Apparently Isuzu says, the farming community in particular like the heated seats. But even the entry-level Utility D-Max, priced from £15,749 (CVOTR) comes equipped with LED daytime running lights, Hill Start Assist, Variable Hill Descent Control, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows and air conditioning. There is a full size spare wheel as standard, and depending on the model

chosen, a reversing camera, a sat nav, Apple Car Play and a remote opening tailgate. For driving through flooded roads, snow or any other sort of rugged

terrain, the driver can select four-wheel drive on the move using a rotary dial. Two wheel drive is fine for tarmac but four wheel drive is a must for more demanding conditions and low range gears can be selected. Hill

MODEL: Isuzu D-Max Blade Automatic 4x4 double cab PRICE £27,999 otr ENGINE: 1.9 litre diesel CO2 EMISSIONS: 205g/km COMBINED FUEL CONSUMPTION: 36.2mpg

Descent Control engages engine braking by pressing a switch which is great for steep inclines. I drove the three hours journey to the launch in a supermini and

because of road and tyre noise had to have the radio at rather a high volume. Which contrasted sharply with the huge D-Max which apart from hard acceleration when assailing hills, has a pin drop quiet cabin. With the current threat of fining ‘dirty’ diesels I asked if Isuzu planned a

petrol version and was informed that all variants are considered. Unfortunately in Government circles, there appears to be no understanding of what constitutes a ‘dirty’ diesel engine. The current diesel engines on the market which have achieved Euro 6 emission standards are extremely clean. It is the older Euro 3 engines which need reviewing. I guess we wait and see what the Government proposes. In the meantime, the new generation Isuzu D-Max is a very comfortable, amazing rugged all-rounder that just works!

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MAY/JUNE 2017 insight 29

hile other manufacturers are promoting the lifestyle features of their pick-ups, Isuzu says of the new generation D-Max that “it just works”. And this pick-up is one of the most capable off-


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