Let’s kick things off with Rat Boy at Te Waterfront on the 1st. He’s back down by the river after almost exactly a year, although we are still awaiting debut album Scum. In the meantime you can enjoy a First Bite of Te Apple from excellent support act Te Sherlocks.

Students from Norwich’s Access to Music showcase their talents at Te Brickmakers on the 2nd. Some big names have already graduated through ATM’s ranks, and more are waiting in the wings. Be ready to bank a few ‘I heard them first...’ stories at this one.

Americana comes to Te Guildhall on the 6th in the shape of Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin, currently touring Europe together. Yet another coup for the Grapevine team. Not to be missed.

Who’s that knocking behind the green door at the Teatre Royal on the 7th? It’s only bloody Shakin’ Stevens. Don’t

forget to check out the nice new laminate flooring on Tis Ole House.

And Te Kooks promise a night of their greatest hits on the 8th at the Nick Rayns LCR. Tat’ll be the So-Far Songs, then.

Catch Bahraini/UK based Flamingods back in church on the 9th. Well, a de-consecrated medieval one in St Benedicts Street called Norwich Arts Centre. Back to mine for a barbecue afterwards?

Te Norfolk and Norwich Festival kicks off on the 12th, and on that night Welsh harpist Catrin Finch and Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita join forces at Norwich Playhouse in an exciting collaboration. Prepare to be surprised by this one.

Norwich alternative band, Youth Killed It and Tetford rapper Franko Fraize, share the bill at Epic Studios on the 17th. Oi! oi! Norfolk.


Hello my fellow May blossoms, and welcome to the best month of spring. Outdoor drinking now really takes off, short sleeves become de rigeur, and men’s knees make their vitamin-D producing reappearance. Tere are two bank holidays, and sandwiched in between, a two-week cultural extravaganza in the shape of our very own Norfolk and Norwich Festival and more live music than you can shake a box of grass cuttings at. So, pressure wash the patio, creosote your fencing panels, and get the BBQ de-greased ready to enjoy this month’s mouth-watering and properly cooked delights.

Post War Glamour Girls are joined by local bands Peach Club, Marla and Violet Kicks at Te Owl Sanctuary on the 18th. Te perfect antidote to consuming yet another glass of Pinot Grigio whilst basking outside in the May sunshine.

Composer Philip Glass and cultural icon Laurie Anderson bring their collaborative performance American Style to the Teatre Royal on the 19th. Tis is undoubtedly the highlight of my Norfolk and Norwich Festival, and I feel as chuffed as Charlie Bucket to be going to this one. Sorry if you didn’t manage to get your own golden ticket.

Brixton collective, and sound-trackers to television’s Te Sopranos, Alabama 3 return to Te Waterfront on the 20th supported by previous Next Big Ting winners from Norwich Te Tinking Men. I’ll be standing next to Tony at that one.

Darlings of the 48 / MAY 2017 / OUTLINEONLINE.CO.UK

90’s Britpop scene Echobelly are back with a new album, and the band, includng founder members Sonya Madan and Glenn Johansson, play Norwich Open on the 21st. Park at Castle Mall or Rose Lane, or leave your car on a double yellow and be a king of the kerb.

And I will be back at Norwich Open on the 22nd for much talked about LA trio Cherry Glazerr. With the world looking a more dangerous place with every post from the White House Twit-ter, perhaps it is now time for us all to apply some Apocalipstick, and let’s see what happens.

Mercury Prize winning rapper Speech Debelle accompanies Manchester hip-hop team Te Mouse Outfit to Norwich Arts Centre on the 25th. Buy her excellent new album Tantil Before I Breathe, and you get to download the Celebrity Masterchef semi- finalist’s cookbook for free. Do try the Jerk Chicken and Slaw.

Any remaining Teenage Dirtbags will be heading down to Te Waterfront on the 30th for Northport rockers Wheatus. Me? I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby.

Finally, to bring Maggie May to a close, I’ll wake her up and tell her that I have something to say. No, Rod Stewart is not back at Carrow Road. Much better than that. Gemma and Maria from Sink Ya Teeth celebrate their recent signing to 1965 Records with a gig at Norwich Arts Centre on the 31st. Support comes from the excellent Painted Heathers. Once again, nothing to do with Rod Stewart.

And so, as we blaze towards June it just leaves me time to remind you to check out the full programme for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, especially the free events around the city. I’ll meet you by the Spiegeltent for a pizza and a pint of Ghost Ship.


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