almost like that’s the norm to be a woman on a pop video. Everybody has the right to wear what they like but at the same that it? You did a few acoustic shows in 2010 and release a couple EP’s under the name of Calm of Zero with Glenn…was this a case of dipping your toes back in the water? It was because the music business has changed so much in terms of the structure in which you release records and what people are willing to sign. Te support isn’t there – you will get dropped if your first album flops, whereas before you’d get a four or five album deal which is unheard of now. I think it was pointless for us to look for a record deal so we just thought let’s go out there and play some shows and write, because we always want to write, it’s never dried up. It was great fun just to be totally free and write what

we wanted to. We didn’t have a band which is why it was acoustic. It was an interesting exploration in terms of writing style. Echobelly came back in full two years ago with a show at the Scala. Why then, and how was that experience for you? It was almost by accident. We made a lot of contacts during the years and there was a very stablished agent we knew, and we went to see him with just the idea of doing some Echobelly shows or just to see what we could do. He told us “get the band back together or start a new version of Echobelly and just do one show in London and see what happens. If no one comes then you know it’s over.” So we did that and it sold out! It was amazing, the audience was so receptive and celebratory and full of energy and love. So we were like, we’ve been told! What’s next for the band at

“Te days of 90’s excess are gone.”

this point? We’re just doing six shows in May and June plus a few festivals which we’re booking now. We’re not looking to do the big festivals because we’d just end up playing during the afternoon which is pointless. We’ve done Glastonbury, we’ve done Reading on really good slots so there’s no point in us now doing them at 2pm. It’s better to play some key smaller festivals. We’re not naïve, we’ve been away a long time and we haven’t really done the social media thing so we haven’t got a huge following but it’s starting to grow now. When you started writing songs for this album what was the idea in your heads, or your plan for how you wanted to sound or what you wanted to achieve with these songs? Well I’ve always known that Glenn and I are really good at writing songs and at the same time we’re much heavier than people think we are. I don’t apologise for my lyric writing and I don’t sing like a lickle girl, and he’s quite heavy on his playing and has some interesting esoteric musical taste from jazz to classical Indian music. We had the freedom to bring all of that in. It’s a very odd coupling in terms of songwriting because he’s from Sweden and I’m from India, yet we’ve got a real British energy mixed in with all the other influences and it gives a unique perspective to what we do. It’s not Britpop by any means - it never was. Te record label pushed for the singles we released to be more Britpop but if you know the real Echobelly, you know we’re more like the songs you’d find on the B sides.

Te album has some tinges of country as well as rock, and it’s a very mature and well thought out collection of songs – it’s definitely not Britpop. When you listen back to early tracks like I Can’t Imagine the World Without Me or Great Tings, how do you feel? I think they’re awesome, even just the song titles. I mean I Can’t Imagine Te World Without Me is ironic, it’s not meant to be an arrogant statement. It’s more of a philosophical statement. Does the world exist when you’re not there? Of course journalists from that era wouldn’t have picked up on that. Same with Great Tings – it’s so simple in terms of classic pop but it reflects what a lot of people feel when they’re young, that they want to do something with their lives. I see that on Facebook you’re asking for song suggestions for the tour, and what’s nice is there’s a whole range of suggestions! What’s the track you’re really looking forward to playing? We don’t know yet, that’s why we’re asking really. We’ll only be playing a few of the new songs because the album won’t have been out for very long when we go on tour, and then on the next tour later this year we’ll play more of the new stuff. Tere have been some interesting choices, and some typical choices so far!

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