Daily Information

OPENING/CHECK IN PROCEDURES Check in will take place upstairs at the Rivers Edge until 9am. If you arrive after 9am, a schedule will be posted, so you can find your camper’s location or call the appropriate site cell phone. When dropping your camper off, youmust sign them in and inform the staff you have arrived. A child is NEVER to be dropped off without checking your child in with a staff member. CLOSING/CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES For your camper’s safety, you must always sign your camper out at the end of the day when he or she is picked up. Closing will typically be outside at Bloom Playground. If there is rain or threat of storms, campers will be located at Rivers Edge. Please bring a State ID for the first week of pickup of the summer. Inform all authorized pick up people that they will be asked to show ID until staff become familiar with them. Staff will not release your child to anyone who is not listed on the medical information card. ABSENT OR LATE POLICY– ALL Camps If your camper will not be attending camp or will be arriving late, please call the appropriate camp cell phone to notify a staff member. Our field trips times vary, though at times we will have to depart to our destination NO LATER THAN 9:10am unless posted. Please be as prompt as possible, the bus will not wait! Camp Cell Phone #’s: DISCOVER: 815-978-6825 LEAD: 815-978-4249

EXPLORE: 815-978-4074 SUCCEED: 815-978-4219

ACHIEVE: 815-978-6834

LATE PICK UP POLICY– All Camps If you are late picking your camper up, you will be issued a written warning for your first offense. The second offense will result in a late fee of $10.00 for every fifteen (15) minutes you are late. For example: Camp ends at 6:00 pm; 6:01 – 6:15 is a $10.00 charge, 6:16 – 6:30 is a $20.00 charge, etc. Campers that are constantly being picked up late will be asked to leave the program.

PARKING– All Camps During the summer months, all park district facilities are very busy. Parking can be a challenge during this time. Please park in designated areas only. Parking along the sides of the parking lot can create traffic hazards. Please be cautious of other drivers and young children while in park district parking lots.


The Belvidere Park District offers swim lessons for all ages groups and skill level. If your child is enrolled in swim lessons and Camp Compass, Camp Compass staff will escort your child to William Grady Pool for their swim lesson time. You must pick the designated time slot allotted for Camp Compass participants. For more information on swim lessons please contact Tori Allen at or 815-547-5711 ext. 15.

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