Illness & Medications

ILLNESS For the protection of all campers, your child needs to be kept home if he/she shows any of the following symptoms: A temperature Diarrhea or vomiting A rash Nasal discharge or discharging of ears or eyes

Parents should exercise every precaution and keep their camper home for twenty-four (24) hours once these symptoms have occurred. In the case of head lice, a camper should stay home for 24 hours after his/her first treatment. Campers must be well enough to participate in all regular planned camp activities upon returning to camp from an illness.

If your camper becomes ill while at camp, he/she will be placed in a separate room, in care of a staff, and the parent will be contacted with the request to take the camper home.

If the camper has a contagious disease, he/she should be kept at home and the fact of his/her condition should be reported to the Recreation Supervisor or Youth Specialist (i.e. strep throat, measles, mumps, chicken pox, pink eye, scarlet fever, head lice, etc are conditions categorized as “highly contagious).

MEDICATIONS Necessary medications may be administered to a camper at camp upon written permission from parent/guardian. To ensure proper dispensing of medications, we have specific rules that everyone must follow:

 All medications must be in their original container, with the camper’s full name. A medication release form must be filled out and signed in order to dispense medication to your camper. Over the counter medicine included.

 Belvidere Park District full time staff, Youth Specialist, Camp Coordinator, or Assistant Camp Coordinator are the only staff allowed to administer medication.

If your child has seizures, asthma or allergies please fill out our separate action plan forms.

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