within British Columbia or 250-386-3431 from out of province or visit

Inland ferries, operated by the Ministry of Transportation, cross lakes and rivers around the province. Tese ferries are all free of charge. For inland ferry schedules visit http://www2. travel/water-travel/inland-ferries.

GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (GST) Te federal GST of 5% is applicable to most purchased goods and services. GST is charged on campsite and room rentals. Te rates printed in the guide are net of GST unless stated, so are subject to the 5% GST for both camping and lodging.

PROVINCIAL SALES TAX (PST) An 8% Provincial Sales Tax is charged by hotels, motels, cottages, inns, resorts and other roofed accommodations on all overnight room rentals. PST is not charged on campsite rentals as they are an exempt supply. Te Provincial Sales Tax for other goods and services is 7%.

MUNICIPAL AND REGIONAL DISTRICT TAX (MRDT) As well in British Columbia a Municipal and Regional District Tax of up to 2% and in some cases 3% is charged in provincially approved municipalities by hotels, motels, cottages, inns, resorts and other roofed accommodations. Tis levy is used to fund local Destination Marketing Organizations. Some 50 municipalities are approved to collect this 2% or 3% tax. Te additional 2% or 3% MRDT is only charged on short-term room rentals and does not apply to overnight campsite rentals.

EMERGENCY 911 In emergency situations, contact the local police, ambulance service, fire department and other emergency services by calling 911. Visitors taking prescribed medications should bring a copy of their prescriptions in case they need to be renewed or tended to by a doctor in Canada.

TOURIST ALERT Te Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is frequently asked to communicate urgent messages to people on vacation. If you see your name listed in newspapers, at information centres or hear it on the radio or TV, please contact the numbers given.

CAMPFIRES AND CAMPFIRE BANS Te smoke from campfires pollutes our environment; please limit your use of campfires to cooking and warmth. It is recommended to only use purchased wood from the campground or lodging property and observe local burning regulations. Do not leave a campfire unattended. Please do not move firewood from one location to another as it can spread pests and disease. Occasionally campfire bans are implemented in extreme dry weather. For information before

you travel, visit content/safety/wildfire-status. Please note that propane firepits and propane cooking devices can be used during a campfire ban.

FOREST FIRES If you spot a forest fire while travelling in British Columbia, call the BC Forest Service toll-free at 1-800-663-5555, or *5555 on your cell phone. For more information, go to

FISHING Separate licenses are required for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Te Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans issue saltwater licenses; the provincial Ministry of Environment issues freshwater licenses. Both types of licenses can be purchased at some sporting goods stores and other retailers, as well as most Service BC offices. Anglers are encouraged to buy their licenses online at for freshwater or https://www-ops2.pac.dfo-mpo. for saltwater.

A specific license is required in National Parks and can be purchased at the Park Headquarters at each Park Canada site.

For more information on fishing go to a site run by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.

2017 BC PUBLIC HOLIDAYS Banks, government offices and some stores will be closed on the following days or on the subsequent Monday if the holiday falls on a

weekend: New Years Day January 1 BC Family Day February 13 Good Friday April 14 Easter Monday April 17 Victoria Day May 22 Canada Day July 1 BC Day August 7 Labour Day September 4 Thanksgiving October 9 Remembrance Day November 11 Christmas Day December 25 Boxing Day December 26

2018 BC PUBLIC HOLIDAYS New Years Day January 1 BC Family Day February 12 Good Friday March 30 Easter Monday April 2 Victoria Day May 21 Canada Day July 1 BC Day August 6 Labour Day September 3 Thanksgiving October 8 Remembrance Day November 11 Christmas Day December 25 Boxing Day December 26

Please visit for more travel resource information.

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