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Te print guide is designed to assist you in finding a place to stay, whether camping, RVing or driving on your vacation in British Columbia. It features information on private campgrounds, RV Parks and lodging establishments that are members of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association; National Parks campgrounds; RV dealers who offer services and supplies; RV rental companies, and a section on Attractions to help you enrich your vacation experience.

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LAYOUT Te guide is divided into five sections and organized by the six British Columbia tourism regions.

Section 1 Super Camping listings of RV parks, campgrounds and national parks are on pages 6 to 45. Tese listings appear under their community and are arranged in alphabetical order.

Section 2 Select Lodging listings of hotel/motels, lodges, resorts, cabins and cottages, and other accommodation such as yurts, park model trailers and glamping tents are on pages 46 to 57. Tese listings appear under their community and are arranged in alphabetical order.

Section 3 Attractions catering to RVers, campers and tourists are listed on page 58.

Section 4 RV dealers, RV rental companies, RV service and RV storage places are listed on page 59.

Section 5 Winter Camping & RVing are located on pages 60 to 61. Tese facilities, which are open year round, offer campsites usually on a weekly and/ or monthly basis.

Maps Te six BC tourism regions each have a map and a short write-up about some interesting tours and drives in the region. It is suggested that you select your destination from these maps and refer to the index of communities, arranged alphabetically on page 62 of the guide, for the page number of the listings you require. Te regional maps are located in Section 1 among the Super Camping listings.


Services Tax (GST) applies to all rates and in the case of room rentals at lodging establishments an additional 8% Provincial Sales Tax. Certain communities in BC also charge a local hotel room tax of 2% or 3%.


COMMUNITIES The regional maps with suggested drives and short write-ups are:

Vancouver Island and The Gulf Islands - page 6 Vancouver, Coast and Mountains - page 14 Thompson Okanagan – page 22 Kootenay Rockies – page 32 Cariboo Chilcotin Coast – page 38 Northern British Columbia – page 42

FEATURED MEMBERS MAP LISTING ENHANCEMENTS Campground and Lodging operators have the opportunity to “enhance” their listings with a paid “Featured Members” listing on the regional maps. Tese enhancements do not reflect any special rating or quality of the establishment. Tey are advertising preferences.

LISTING ENHANCEMENTS Businesses have the opportunity to “enhance” their listings with the use of colour or a screened box. Tese enhancements do not reflect any special rating or quality of the establishment. Tey are advertising preferences.

RATES INFORMATION Te guide features 2017 rates. In rare cases where they are unavailable, 2016 rates have been substituted. Rates quoted are net of taxes unless stated. An additional 5% Goods and

Please note that rates published in the guide are subject to change. Generally, printed rates represent low season to high season. Rates printed are not necessarily available at all times. When making a reservation directly with a campground, RV Park or lodging accommodation it is recommended that you ask for the facility’s cancellation and refund policy.

CANCELLATION, REFUND & PET POLICIES In some instances businesses have cancellation policies in place, please check at time of booking. Te cancellation policy determines when and how a reservation can be cancelled, and details the refund procedures. Many operations have pet policies in effect; please call the property for details.

CAMPING & RV SYMBOLS Handy icon symbols provide specific information on facilities found at, or immediately adjacent to, each campground, RV Park or RV dealer or rental agency. A complete list of symbols is provided on page 3.

LODGING SYMBOLS Lodging establishments offer services and amenities in various types of accommodation including lodges, cabins, cottages, motels, hotels and RV park models. A complete list of symbols is provided on page 46.

BIG RIG FRIENDLY Listings that include the wording “Big Rig Friendly” have five or more sites that are a minimum 24 feet wide by 60 feet long, offer 14 feet overhead clearance and have 50-amp service.

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