The BLM E-TURN 52 at Gresham Office Furniture has improved output by 50 per cent 3

mechanical adjustment is needed during set-up and the bends are better controlled and repeatable without manual intervention. Energy efficiency is also greatly improved as E-TURN machines are also capable of achieving left and right hand bends with varying radii. Customers also have the option of integrating machine load/unload capability, which can be done prior or post machine installation. Another aspect of Gresham’s

business is the creation of bespoke furniture. This in turn leads to small batch sizes, where the E-TURN comes into its own

due to the speed and efficiency of the machine set-up. “We have pre-set tooling, which BLM helped us with, and using this and the BLM control software we can set the E-TURN in around a minute and the first off will be correct over 90 per cent of the time. This is far easier and quicker than with our hydraulic machines, with the E-TURN it’s a case of tube in, correct part out.” Gresham and BLM share certain values such as customer focus and service along with a flexible attitude to making things right as Gresham’s Engineering Senior Supervisor, Andy Smith points

out: “Throughout the process of bringing in the E-TURN 52 BLM has worked with us to help develop solutions for our products. We know what we want to achieve and their detailed knowledge of the capability of the machine has resulted in greater efficiency. Getting programs into production is also simplified by use of BLM’s VGP3D software, which is fantastic. Through its auto-simulation routines we can visualise the exact movements of the machine from the production office by simply inputting the bend coordinates, or directly importing them via BLM’s new

B-IMPORT software module from a stp or igs CAD model, before sending the program out. Once it is downloaded to the machine control we can carry out secondary checks for any possible collisions on the touchscreen control.” The success of Gresham, even

with the improved productivity of the BLM E-TURN 52 means that it is outgrowing its existing floorspace and plans are underway for further expansion. This may bring further investment with the addition of a BLM laser tube machine that can be linked to the BLM E-TURN 52 in order to deliver even greater efficiency.

Andy Smith has explored the capabilities of the BLM E-TURN by creating a variety of test components 24 IMT March 2017

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