PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT Borgward orders servo press line

Schuler impresses the automotive manufacturer with technological innovation and an excellent price-performance ratio


he traditional German car brand, Borgward, has been successfully launched onto the

Chinese market with its innovative BX7 model. In order to increase production capacity, Borgward Automotive ordered an XL servo press line from Schuler at the end of the previous year.

From August 2018 onwards, the five-station servo press line based in Beijing-Miyun will produce body panels for the BX7, BX5 and BX6 models. The line with a press force of 67,000 kilonewtons comprises five presses and is fully supplied by Schuler, including the corresponding automation. The line features the now tried-and- tested ServoDirect technology and offers state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency. The latest energy management for the main drives is also just as important a

requirement when it comes to designing the hydraulic drawing cushion in the first press with triple action cylinders.

Up to 16 large parts per minute are produced by the Servoline 16, double and quadruple parts can be manufactured accordingly at a higher batch quantity. The simulation program, which is also included within the scope of the order, ensures that operators are provided with optimum alignment of all movements of single presses and automation, including destackers, Crossbar Feeders for the parts transport and exit conveyor. The fast, fully automated replacement of dies and toolings ensures the flexibility needed for fast product changes. Except for a few special

components, Schuler manufactures and assembles the modules for the line – beds, uprights, slides and

Up to 16 large parts are produced per minute, 32 double and 64 quadruple parts, which are transported by Crossbar Feeders. (Image: Schuler)

From August 2018, the servo press line from Schuler will form body panels in Beijing-Miyun for the BX6 model, among others. (Image: Borgward)

About the Schuler Group –

Schuler is the world market leader in metal forming technology. The company offers cutting edge presses, automation, dies, process know- how and services for the entire metal forming industry and lightweight vehicle construction.

Our clients consist of automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies from other industries, such as foundries, household devices, packaging, power and electronics. Schuler is the market leader in minting presses and supplies systems solutions for the aerospace, railway and large pipe industries.

In 2016, Schuler achieved a turnover of 1,174 million euros. Following the acquisition of die manufacturing company AWEBA and with a majority holding in Chinese press manufacturing company Yadon, Schuler employs around 6,600 members of staff in 40 countries. The Austrian ANDRITZ Group holds a majority share in Schuler.

20 IMT March 2017

crowns – completely in the Chinese production facility in Dalian. The total vehicle production capacity of Borgward will increase even further, thanks to the cooperation with Schuler.

As such, the overall operative strength of the intelligent factory 4.0 is considerably increased and supports the production system by offering consumers more intelligent automobiles.


The Borgward Automotive Group with its revolutionary technology and extensive product range was founded in 1919 by Carl Borgward in Bremen, Germany. With an export share of more than 60 percent, Borgward was the third largest automotive manufacturer in Germany. Numerous record-breaking and significant automobiles and many other vehicles were manufactured by Borgward. The German Borgward Automotive Group is based in Stuttgart. Top German designers and engineers, along with the integration of global resources and an excellent manufacturing process guarantee consistently outstanding quality. At the same time, the new “Resource coupling, Internet release” business model calls for the globalisation of the Borgward structure and provides drivers across the globe with the perfect driving experience. In the future, Borgward will be strongly committed to using renewable energy resources and networked automobiles, while offering consumers intelligent electric vehicles.

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