Kinkelder extends TCT Champion Series for high-end tube cutting


utch saw blade manufacturer Kinkelder has extended its range

of TCT Champion saw blades for high performance tube cutting. Applying a new carbide grade,

PVD coating, body design and tooth geometry, the Champion TL saw blade series contains our latest innovations for high performance TCT tube cutting. Over the past few years, the number of heavy-duty

tube cutting applications has increased significantly. Following performance feedback from the market and the demand for a new high-end TCT saw blade, the Champion series has recently been extended with two new blade types. The Champion TL saw blade has

been designed to cut tubes with tensile up to 850 N/mm2 on high output / high quality stationary sawing machines. Due to a new carbide grade, a new PVD coating to obtain a very smooth surface finish and a new tooth geometry and body design for better chip evacuation, this Champion saw blade has an improved blade life of typically 50% and more

compared to CX 3. A dedicated Champion TL Multi saw blade has been developed for multiple tube cutting with a tensile strength of 400 – 800 N/mm2. This blade type is specifically suited for Rattunde Twin machines but also for other applications where multiple tubes are being cut, such as the BEWO, RSA and Sinico machines. Our cutting experts can advise you regarding ideal parameters for the application. Kinkelder Champion TL saw blades are available in diameters from 225mm up to 560mm with a pitch of 9mm, 11mm and 13mm. Kinkelder BV, Netherlands. www.

As sophisticated as your tube processing.

About Kinkelder

Founded in the Netherlands in 1945, Kinkelder has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of circular saw blades worldwide. Over 90% of production is designated for export to approximately 70 countries. Outside of the Netherlands, Kinkelder has its own sales and service branches in Germany, France, Belgium and China. Production also takes place in the USA and Czech Republic. The rest of the world is being covered by a network of dedicated distributors.

Kinkelder’s own subsidiaries as well as their experienced worldwide network of engineering distributors have their specialized Application Engineers available on call. The best machine technology. IMT March 2017 17

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