Cycle time and environmental benefits make 4-RUNNER a winner for Worcester Bosch

end of life, Worcester, Bosch Group, has introduced its first BLM 4-RUNNER tube processing system. The new machine is delivering cycle time savings of between 25 and 30 per cent compared to the machine it replaced, as well as delivering significant environmental benefits to the company. As one of the world’s leading


manufacturers of domestic heating and hot water appliances, one of Worcester’s, key targets is energy efficiency, as demanded by its customers. As a result it has a corporate policy of ensuring that any machine tool purchases reflect that energy/environmental remit. Previously, the tube processing at Worcester had been carried out by hydraulic powered machinery. The switch to the BLM 4-RUNNER, with its all-electric, servo controlled operation provided a major step forward in environmental terms, with the added advantages of improved quality and consistency as well has reduced cycle times. “It is part of our long term

vision to replace all of our old hydraulic BLM Planet machines

s part of its ongoing programme of replacing machines deemed to have reached a natural

Tube bending on the BLM 4-RUNNER

with modern all-electric, servo driven, tube processing systems. The 4-RUNNER’S servo control is important for a number of reasons, such as improved accuracy of bends, consistency and cycle times, but of equal, if not greater importance was the fact that they are far more energy efficient compared to hydraulic machines, and this was key to our purchasing decision,”

says Chris Packer, Group Leader – Manufacturing, Worcester, Bosch Group. The BLM 4-RUNNER is a modular-based machine that can be configured to include de- coiling, straightening, end-forming, bending, cutting off and unloading, the machine at Worcester is fully configured in this way delivering finished components from coiled

copper tube up to 22 mm diameter. The bending capability of the 4-RUNNER allows left and right hand bends to be formed as well as fixed and variable radii bends in single and 3D planes. The machine is also capable of completing compression and draw bending techniques. For end-forming the BLM 4-RUNNER features a multi-station end-forming unit with either four or six ram- type forming stations or four ram stations and one rotary station. A variety of cutting devices can also be specified depending on the material being processed, these include internal or external orbital swarfless cutters, or conventional sawblades. One of the key benefits of the

The BLM 4-RUNNER control is extremely user friendly IMT March 2017


BLM 4-RUNNER’S all-electric system is its consistency of bend, with hydraulic bending the bend is more variable, but with servo-driven positioning every bend is the same. “The variations that we find on our hydraulic benders have been

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