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excellent firefighter and I have many good memories of him and Engine 22.

John Ware Dear Andy,

Please accept this donation for the

LA Firemen’s Relief Assn, My family and I would like to

thank the Relief Association for the beau- tiful flower arrangement delivered to the Celebration of Life for my husband, Fran- cis “Gary” Clinite. Also, the presenta- tion of the flag by Battalion Chief Gene Bednarchik was especially touching. Our firefighter son, Capt. Mike Clinite with San Luis Obispo Fire Dept. and grandson, Firefighter Jake Clinite with Ceres Fire Dept. were deeply moved also. Chief Bed- narchik “caught” the light-hearted mood we wanted to convey at the Celebration . . . that of celebrating the wonderful life of 89 years Gary had, thirty of those with LAFD.

Thank you again

Carolyn Clinite Paso Robles, CA

LA Firemen’s Relief Association; I worked with Ted (Bunky) Jimenez

at old 17’s from early 1973 until he trans- ferred. I don’t know for sure where he got his nickname, but many of us in Batt. 7 had them, most courtesy of Tony DiDomenico. Since Ted and I both lived in Canoga Park, we carpooled for quite a while. The last time I saw Ted was at a F.S 39 reunion, and I sat with Ted, his wife, and Ron (Food Gi- ant) Myers. We had a lot of fun at 17’s, and a few Large Fires while at “The Eastside Sensitivity Training Center.”

Trustee Gene Bednarchik with Carolyn Clinite Dear Jim & Fire Family, LAFRA -

Thank you very much for all the support and compassion you showed us af- ter our father’s [Jere Souter] passing. You provided much needed care and advice during a very difficult time for us. Your

48 • March 2017

Scottie [Harold L. Scott] and I were in the same LAFD class of 10/18/1969. We worked together at Engine 22 in 1976-77 and went to many fires together. He was an

Rick Watters Agoura Hills. CA


Marie Michell Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

LAFRA – Dennis [Mendenhall], you will be

missed. You were a very generous and un- selfish individual. Your family and friends came first. Your tireless work at the Relief Association will and has benefited the As- sociation and will for years to come. You left this world a better place. Thank you for all the years you were my friend. You fought a brave and hard battle with more courage and attitude then anyone would have expected. Go in peace my friend, go in peace.

Dave Lowe Newbury Park, CA

kindness showed us how truly special the Los Angeles Fireman’s Relief Association and the Los Angeles Fire Department are and what a blessing it is to have these or- ganizations available to us. Our father was honored to be a member of this fire family. Thank you for the beautiful plant that was delivered to our mom and for the shadow box with the flag that was flown over Fire Station 51.

Please accept the donation we made

to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Fire- men’s Fund in honor of Jere Souter.


Joan Souter and her children Kim, Shawn, Misty, Rodd and Scott

WODFF in memory of my husband, Jo- seph O. Michell. His birthday would have been February 18th and our family always used to get together to celebrate this spe- cial and momentous event. We still get together (there are 20 of us now) and our kids still like to reminisce about the fun times they had at the annual firemen’s BBQ in San Pedro, the exciting evenings at Dsineyland when the park was reserved as a private party for LAFD and guests, and the delicious Christmas turkey dinners that were prepared by the crew of Fireboat #1, A shift. The LAFD family played a signifi- cant part in the lives of our four children and continues to do so in the lives of our grandchildren and great grandchildren (still counting!)

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