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editor’s letter

Collaborate to Create

I’mwriting this themorning of January 1, 2017. A newyear full of promise and possibility.By the time this issue goes to publication,wewill be onemonth into theNewYear and I think andwonderwhat exciting things are to come for dance inNorth Texas.

Tiffany Bailey

Looking back on the performances I’ve seen this past year, I can’t help but notice a common elementmost of themhave shared: collaboration.Dance by nature

is a very collaborative discipline.On one level,we knowchoreographers, dancers,musicians, costume and lighting designers and other creatives come together to unite their ideas into a comprehensivework.On another level, there exists collaboration between artistic disciplines, those that break down thewalls and provide newopportunities for cre- ation and exchange.Uniting visual artwith performance, theatre and spokenwordwith dance andworking together to activate non-tradi- tional spaceswithmovement are just a fewexamples of the unique col- laborations acrossNorth Texas that have resulted in the production of rich and diverseworks.

Some ofmy favorite collaborations includeDallas-NeoClassicalBallet workingwith the Texas Theatre to synchronize amovie screening that compliments a live dance performance. This is an ongoing partnership and it’s truly amazing to see all the ideas this company has for staging theirwork. I also love the partnership betweenEpiphanyDanceArts

and local artist,AbelGarciawho creates a painting alongside dancers as they performonstage.At the end of the performance there exists a visual representation of the dance that is as colorful and exciting as the performed choreography.

December, 2016was an exciting time asMoving Cities:Dallaswas filmed. Thiswas a joint effort betweenDirector, JevanChowdhury, local dance talent,BruceWoodDance Project, IndianCulturalHeritage Foundation, TexasBallet Theatre, Lone StarCircus and TexasBallet Theater and theCity ofDallas to create an amazing, short filmthat focuses on a growingDallas and highlights the remarkable talent that exists inNorth Texas.

This issue is dedicated to collaboration, those partnerships that have been formed and those that have yet to come to fruition. I hope you’ll find inspiration in these pages to open yourself up to the idea of embarking on a collaborative effort and to growand foster existing partnerships that you’ve established. I challenge our local creatives to embrace the opportunity to learn and evolvewith the exchange of ideas that happen froma collaborative project.As Twyla Tharp says, “Like creativity, collaboration is a habit- and one I encourage you to develop.” So, go forth and develop newhabits and continue tomakeNorth Texas amodel among peer regions as an example of exceptional dance, cre- ativity and talent.

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February-April 2017


a publicationof the dance council of northtexas vol. 20 • no. 1

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