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Dance Theatre Arlington’s collaboration with the club has allowed the scholarship talent show to continue and award $2,500 each year. Miss Persis hopes that by raising public awareness about the importance of community collaboration, they will be able to con- tinue the success of Teen Talent Follies and give more scholarship money in the future.

For 20 years, Miss Persis worked with the public schools to bring dance to the community. Every 4th grader was given the opportu- nity to dance with professional live musicians, actors, technicians, and members of the Dance Theatre Arlington Company. They would produce a yearly show at Texas Hall at The University of Arlington. Sadly, the lack of funding has ended the program. One is hopeful, that like the Teen Talent Follies, the public can join forces with Miss Persis and once again the I Am! Program can be started back up.

Miss Persis Studio in Arlington, TX is a staple in the community. The studio has touched both dancers and community members. She sums up her life’s work eloquently:

My motivation to continue what my mother taught me grow- ing up is to give today’s kids the same wonderful opportunities I had when I was young. I watch kids who have gone through these programs and, whether they went into the arts as a profes- sion or not, they have all benefited in some way. They have gained an appreciation for the arts. They have become support- ers of the arts. They are using the lessons they learned to become citizens who are contributing to our world in good ways!

Pictured: Performers in the Elf Show.

If you would like to any information on these programs and how to contribute and or collaborate, please contact Miss Persis Studio at 817-261-7921 or online at

Tamara Ivey is freelance writer, dancer, and actress. She has been in the performing arts field, on and off the stage, since she could talk and walk. Tamara is an active volunteer with many dance, theatre, and opera compa- nies, as well as with the Humane Society of the United States. “Be some- one’s inspiration, big or small” is a creed she holds dearly.

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February-April 2017

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