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DG+JL: I want that first moment of fascination of walking into a room or experience not knowing what is going to happen next to follow them home and fill them with a continued sense of wonder. I want them to enter into this process with us knowing that they are coming to a welcoming, creative environment that embraces them wholly.

I want them to walk away with a new curiosity about dance and a desire to explore how their body can move in ways they never thought possible. I want them to walk away feeling like a dancer.

TB: Do you see this residency strengthening/changing DGDG? Pictured: Danielle Georgiou Dance Group at the Dallas Public Library. Photo: Kelsey Head

TB: You do, and have done some wonderful collaborations with other artists such as musicians and costume designers, do you have any plans to work with other artists during this residency?

DG+JL: We have been incredibly lucky to work with some truly talented and wonderful collaborators in the past, and we hope to continue this with our residency at the DPL. We would like to engage some of our previous musical collaborators for projects at the Library, such as Donovan Jones, who is our musician for WAR FLOWER and who composed the soundscape for SWARM. As well as working with some new artists and tapping into the musical talents of our own dancers. One of our company mem- bers is working on his Ph.D. in Music with a focus on Flute, and we would love to create a new work featuring a flute performance and original choreography.

TB: What is your intent/what do you hope to achieve with this partnership?

DG+JL: We have quite a few goals for this partnership. We hope to raise the value and community awareness of both parties. We want to make good work that both DGDG and the DPL would be pleased with, and we want to provide an example of the city working alongside a local art group and to foster future rela- tionships between artists and the city.

I also personally hope that this partnership will bring together our individual audience bases and get people out to the libraries! Growing up, the public library in my hometown was my sanctu- ary. I found a way to escape and explore through reading. I trav- eled the world, I traveled through time, I studied insects and ani- mal colonies, I became any and all characters I wanted to be. In a way, this residency is like a homecoming for me.

TB: What do you want audience members/participants to walk away with? Specifically those who have never had access to dance.

DANCE! NORTH TEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas vol. 19 • no 4 February-April 2017 page 13

DG+JL: Absolutely! I really feel as if the aesthetic of DGDG fits well with the DPL’s programming and mission, and I see our col- laboration and residency as a way to foster community engage- ment and to bring the art of dance and theatre closer to the pub- lic. Dance, sometimes more so than theatre, is seen as this unat- tainable and inaccessible art form, and I want to break that men- tality down and show people that dance is for everyone and can happen anywhere and at any time. One of our goals with DGDG is to promote the art of dance and theatre, and to engage audi- ences and the community in a new way of moving and thinking about movement, and I think this residency is the first step in truly establishing that. TB

Pictured: Danielle Georgiou Dance Group at the Dallas Public Library. Photo: Kelsey Head

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