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Trucking Moves America Forward Restoring our image


Who doesn’t recognize the check mark

logo on the side of a pair of Niki athletic shoes? Or, the bitten Apple on an iPhone or Mac computer? Who in the trucking world is unfamiliar with the Kenworth shield, or the distinctive crossbar on a Volvo tractor? Branding has become a critical component of all successful industries. Branding is more than creating and using a graphic that is easily recognizable. It is about creating and sustaining an image – a footprint. It communicates core values, competencies, and context. Perhaps, most importantly, it produces an emotional response that fosters a relationship between the members of an organization and the organization itself. Image is everything these days. The trucking industry has floundered

in its image. Elisabeth Barna, COO of The American Trucking Associations, EVP of Industry Affairs remarked, “The trucking industry used to be known as the ‘Knights of the Road’ – but, we’ve lost that respect.” Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) is out to change that. TMAF is an industry- wide movement to create a positive image for trucking across the country and The Texas Trucking Association is fully onboard with that mission. At the Mid America Trucking Show

in Louisville, KY, Kevin Burch, President of Jet Express, Inc. and Chairman of The American Trucking Associations, recounted the successes of TMAF over the past year – moving billboard trailer wraps, increased

donors and subscribers, impressive YouTube and Facebook viewership – all meant to increase education, awareness, and esteem for the industry. “Three years ago some on the Executive Committee were skeptical about our ideas and didn’t think we’d reach our million dollar goal. We were just

for the industry. Take the trailer wraps, for example. An

exciting and inventive possibility recently emerged for the development of 3D trailer wraps. Community leaders in Dayton came to Burch and wanted to partner up. “If we buy the wraps focusing on the Dayton story,

Jet Express trailer wrap

getting going, and already people wanted to abandon the project. That just gave me more inspiration and passion to move it forward,” Burch quipped. Seems that’s exactly what happened. A million dollars came in that year. Then a goal was set for 100 trailer wraps, and 100 trailer wraps were installed. TMAF sets goals and reaches them and Burch is obviously a man who has a passion for the possibilities TMAF holds

will you offer a couple of your trailers for the wraps?” they asked. Burch and his team were happy to respond to the request. A local firm produced 2 trailer wraps that featured bicycles (that were also invented by the Wright brothers), and the first Packard car that was invented in Dayton and, as Burch said with enthusiasm, “It looks like the freight is jumping right out of the trailer!”

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