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Improve mounting/dismounting of tires. Cleaned and properly prepared wheels can get you back on the road quicker and can stay in-service longer.

Bauer Built Tire helps fleets and owner/

I hope that 2016 has been healthy and prosperous for everyone. We have some exciting new things

coming for 2017. Our new online parts program should bring some great things for all our customers. We have a new customer support division that is rapidly growing to provide assistance with your truck maintenance needs. This will include roadside repair. We are still fine-tuning this, but we will have a new level of assistance to keep you on the road. Our new facility in Omaha should be complete and open in late fall. We look forward to having more room and efficiencies to get you back on the road more quickly. We will also have other growth announcements coming throughout the year. Stay tuned. We also have many new trucks launching

this year. The best technology in the market will be available to all of you and we are excited to get these trucks in your hands. We are confident that these products will produce better profits for your businesses. If there is anything we can do to help

your business be more successful, please let us know.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Trey J. Mytty President and CEO


operators care for their wheels and rims with a wheel refinishing process. Here’s why you should refinish or recondition:

• Get to the underlying condition of the wheel. Finding a hairline fracture, rusted steel wheel or bolts and lug nuts that won’t thread properly, inspection of a wheel’s condition is vital for safety and performance.

Proper finish coats and sealers. With our 10 step process, the reconditioned wheels will have even curing in the oven leading to better rust resistance and efficient future refinishing.

• Retain air and reduce bead damage. When air pressure is maintained at the proper PSI, the tire’s chance of a blowout on the road is decreased and you’ll also reduce damage to the bead.

Wheels and rims are cleaned and

inspected; blasted with hot steel bearings to remove all paint, grease and oil; then another inspection before getting primed and painted to 3mm thick finish in a choice of 4 standard colors: white, light and dark grey and black or any color the customer requires. The wheels are cured in an oven for at least 15

Wheel Reconditioning Process

minutes and come out with a glossy finish. Each customer is guaranteed to get their original wheels back.


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