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elected official comes to a facility and sees what actually goes on there. He explained that this industry is over 7 million strong when you consider not only the Drivers, but insurance people, truck stop personnel, oil company workers, IT and computer programmers, maintenance technicians, accountants, and legal departments. When that reality sinks in to someone who is under-educated about the industry, the lights go on, and Burch is gratified.

This is what TMAF really wants.

They want people to get out and tell the story. There’s something for everyone to do. It’s about building relationships. Barna affirms the importance of these networks. “It’s a way to get policies changed. The more we educate our policy makers, the better decisions they will make that affect our businesses.” A little bonus factoid: the trucking industry is the only industry that touches every

Telling the Dayton story by way of trailer wraps

community and every Congressional district! What is clear is that TMAF is becoming mainstream. People actually know what it is now. And, here’s an exclusive ‘peek’ into something that’s on the way, but hasn’t yet been rolled out. TMAF is now in the developmental stage of designing a mascot that can be utilized at events and association

meetings. One only has to go to a sports event to feel the energy created when there’s a mascot to rally around! “When we began,” says Burch, “some in

leadership thought image was fluff. Those thoughts are gone. Image isn’t fluff. Fluff is ‘out’ and telling our story is ‘in.’”



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