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Out on DVD this month


Much like the rest of this month’s DVD's (with the exception of Planet Earth 2), Suicide Squad is utter garbage. Unlike the others it's relentlessly funny from beginning to end, which is odd because they're supposed to be comedies and this isn't.

Te nonsensical plot sees a government agency assemble a team of baddies to protect the world on the off chance that a goodie shows up and turns out to actually be a baddie. Unsurprisingly a baddie does show up, so the goodies/baddies have to work together to save the day. Gibberish, I know.

Te cast do their absolute best with the terrible script, and it's their enthusiasm that keeps it from tipping over into just being a bad film with Will Smith and Margot Robbie giving the most spirited

performances as Deadshot and Harley Quinn respectively.

It's the behind the scenes stuff that has destroyed this movie though, from a soundtrack with all the subtlety of a bullet to the head, to an editing job that makes you wonder if the folks that made this have ever seen a film let alone work on one before. Te whole thing reeks of studio interference. With the enjoyable Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Tem (where creative control was handed solely to David Yates and J K Rowling) currently performing well with viewers and critics alike, you'd hope that Warner Bros have learned that films made by committee often fail. I guess we'll find out when Justice League arrives next year.

In the meantime we have Suicide Squad to cackle our way through. Sadly that's not what the makers had in mind.


DECEMBER FILM RELEASES 02 DecemberMoana Big budget Disney animation, featuring the voices of the Rock, Jermaine Clement, and Auli’I Cravalho, whom I’ve never heard of before, but, I’m assured, has the voice of an angel. Tis time, Disney turns its racially-shaky drawing hand to Polynesian culture, with this story of a young girl and her god.

09 DecemberSnowdenBid budget Disney animation about the highest mountain in Wales… I’m just kidding. Nothing quite so cheery, I’m afraid. Tis is the story of whistle- blowing, cyber-fugitive Edward Snowden. A man who tried to defend the very moral fibre and ethics of the country he loved by standing up for truth and justice, only to find himself demonised and ostracised by the powers that be. Merry Christmas.

17 December Muppets Christmas Carol If you’ve already seen Rogue One, and you happen to be in the city in the festive spirit, why not pop into Cinema City to see one of the best Christmas movies ever made? If you’ve miraculously never seen this fuzzy felt, waist-up treatment of the Dickens classic, or even if you have, there’s no better way than on the big screen.

26 December Monster Trucks Action comedy about a young man whose truck is inhabited and powered by a gas-guzzling alien, leading to the usual… hang on. Alien? Ten this should be called Alien Trucks then? I mean, I get that monster trucks are an actual thing, so it’s like a play on words, but surely they could’ve changed the premise? After all, they’re only aliens because the script says so. Sloppy writing if you ask me. SMILEY

DECEMBER DVD RELEASES Sausage PartyProfanity laden shock comedy about a sausage striving to discover the truth about his own existence, starring a long list of actors that really should know better but frequently prove that they don't. Watching this film made me feel like I had food poisoning.

Absolutely FabulousRumoured to be written as a result of a £100,000 bet between Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, this feature length version of Ab-Fab is basically a string of celebrity cameos held together by a threadbare plot. As always, Joanna Lumley's Patsy steals the show. For fans only.

Bad Moms Tree over-worked, stressed out moms jack in their perfect lifestyle for a wild binge of freedom and self-indulgence. It's a nice idea but the acting is poor and the jokes non-existent. Still better than Sausage Party though.

Planet Earth 2"Aww look a baby lizard, isn't he cute? Wait, what's that over there? SNAKES, LOADS OF FUCKING SNAKES! Run little lizard guy, run for your life!". Make arbitrary decisions on which animals are better than others, based on whether the animals they eat are cute or not. Incredible footage and infinitely better than Sausage Party. DREW

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