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A Star Wars Story

“December, December, the month to remember the greatest story ever told.” I said that, and I’m talking about Star Wars. Obviously. Like every great story, Star Wars has a whole plethora of characters, some good, some bad, and one or two that are truly terrifying. Plus, they’ve all got really cool names like “Darth Vader”, “Obi-Wan”, or “Space-Bastard”. OK, I made the last one up, but you get the idea. Tey’ve all got their own back story as well. It’s like Isaac Asimov meets Charles Dickens, and that’s what makes it such a rich opera of intergalactic wonder.

Some of these characters find themselves thrust into greatness, and some of them simply find themselves random victims of evil-space-station laser testing, but there are some, even some whose actions have proved crucial to the central characters, who are still shrouded in mystery. And it looked as if that would always remain the case, until Disney bought the Star Wars franchise. As such, this is the first of many spin-off movies planned to accompany the main story, and whilst you can unfortunately have too much of a good thing (Marvel, I’m looking at you), those Mickey Mouse bastards are right – I do want to know how Princess Leia got the plans for the Death Star. Well, on the 15th December, I and millions of other people worldwide are going to have that question answered. And going

by the look of the trailers, it’ll involve space ships, blasters, and cool combat scenes on sandy planets. Tere’s smugglery-antihero types, bad-ass assassins for hire, and Darth Fucking Vader. Plus, not a single Bothan spy dies in the making of this movie. Seriously, it’s going to be so freaking awesome. I don’t even need to write this, I mean, you’d have to have been living rough on the forest moon of Endor to not know that this movie is only just over two weeks away. I think it’s just because I love writing and thinking about Star Wars. Is this what Christmas feels like to a child? Maybe, I can’t remember. I just hope that this December, this movie really is the Christmas cracker I’m looking for, and not just an overstuffed turkey. SMILEY

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