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I have also questioned whetherMBC understands that it is the entity charged in law with dealing with Statutory Noise Nuisance. All you get, even via the MP, are standard leers from minions. You might be interested to know that the

November meeting of the Heritage Culture and Leisure Commiee is on November 29. This meeting will be open to the public and questions can be submied in advance to any of the councillors involved and these can be found on theMBCwebsite. Moira Thompson, GardenWalk, Maidstone

Noisewas unbearable

I READ with uer amazement how Maidstone Borough Council, the director of Ramblin’ Man and all the others contend that the noise levelwas acceptable. I live on the top floor of Mote House,

overlooking the concert site. The noise started here on the Friday mid-afternoon, with the groups tuning their instruments. It was a continuous bang-bang of the drums and other instruments at full blast. Nobody monitored that day. The noisewas unbearable andwe had to go out. The operator of the system that monitors

the recorded levelswas situated 200 yards away from Mote House on the grass, almost under the row of trees, which would have reduced the noise levels he picked up. If he had been on the top floor here the levels would have been considerately louder and unbearable. When Cllr Mike Revell, who aended the concert, said that the noise levelswere not too bad, he must have beenwearing ear pads. The noise levelwas too much for neighbours here whowent away because of the effect it had on them last year. Surely this is not an acceptable nuisance

thatwe are expected to bear year after year, without any help from the council, who are using the park as a cash cow to finance their spending levels. The parkwas left to the residents of Maidstone by Lord Bearsted for their enjoyment and not for thousands of people who do not contribute to the coffers of MBC. Under the Freedom of Information Act, I

would like to know where it is wrien that MBCcan use the park in this fashion to the annoyance of so many council tax-payers, who are treated with contempt. I rang the co-ordinator at Ramblin’ Man to

ask them to turn down the volume and point the loudspeakers in a different direction to stop us here at Mote House geing the full blast of the terrible noise

these so-called musicianswere making. They did try to do this, but without much success, so itwas awaste of time ringing. Perhaps, but do not hold your breath,

MBCwill either cancel this nuisance or have it monitored in a believable fashion. John Evenden, by email

Make the bridge oneway

Dear Sir – How about closing East Farleigh bridge to southbound traffic? Cost: a couple of no entry signs. This would instantly halve the traffic

flow, improving life for the villagers and village itself and stop lorries aempting the shortcut via South Street. The closure would upset a few but create a gyratory system with one-way Teston bridge that would massively improve traffic flows. Richard Maryan, Maidstone

Cautionary tale of flooding

ARE you flooding comfortably? Then I'll begin... Once upon a time Goldilocks the flood

victimwent to an EA poster exhibition. “My, what big budgets you have for some areas,” she said. “Would it make a difference to the flooding in Yalding if the riverwas BIGGER?” she asked Dredging Bear. “Oh no, no difference at all,” said Dredging Bear. “Does it make a difference that the river is

20% SMALLER in places where it has silted up?” she asked Silty Bear. “Oh no, no difference at all,” said Silty Bear. “So it's exactly the right size then?” “Yes!” said Property Level Protection

(PLP) Bear, “Just right!” “That is lucky,” said Goldilocks. “That

means you have plenty of money to be able to spend millions more on parts of the catchment where only 10 houses flooded and still have £3m left over for a fish ladder at East Farleigh.” “Yes!” said the EA spokesperson. “But

PLP can be just as effective, even though the DEFRA evaluation says at best it works in one in five houses and in most of the rest it only reduces the amount ofwater coming into your house. But maybe Yalding, Laddingford and Collier St will be different? Can I get back to you on that whenwe’ve actually done a survey on the houses in a couple of years from now?” But Goldilockswas a bit of a nuisance and

she didn't give up: “But what if therewere otherways of reducing the level ofwater in

Yalding, even if by only 6-12 inches?” she asked.

“Thenwe'll huff andwe'll puff.... But, er,

that's about it,we've not actually modelled it or anything like that,” said the engineer. “Shallwe do that now?” “OK,” said Goldilocks.And they all flooded happily ever after. Don’t let Goldilocks be flooded again.If

you don’t see the funny side, email would like to hear from you to help the campaign. Stephen Day, Medway, Beult&Teise Flood Group

Thanks for your donations

MAIDSTONE SalvationArmy Corps would like to thank people for their very generous support of the annual door to door collection and collections at public venues. This appeal raises vital funds for our

diverse programme of life-changing social and community services, including:  supporting men, women and families who are experiencing homelessness;  providing a place of safety for adult victims of modern slavery;  running care homes and day centres for older people;  reuniting families through our family tracing service. All the money raised is used to care for people who are vulnerable or in need in the United Kingdom. Thank you. Salvation Army Corps, Maidstone

Castle should contribute

IWOULDlike to ask whether you think the “Garden of England” description is appropriate when you see the scruffy and neglected verges and roundabouts from J8 to the Park Gate Inn pub on the A20. Local residents see these sad green spaces

and I wonder what Leeds Castle and local hotel management think of these sights. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to this part of Kent each year with hotels and the castle benefiing. During castle events people who use the

A20 have to put up with serious congestion. As tax-payerswe are unable to put any pressure on the borough and county councils or indeed the highways authorities, whereas Leeds Castle and local hotels do have influence to improve maers. GMCollins, Hollingbourne

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