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11 years jail for a ‘brutal’ sex aack

RAPIST Rafel Kafel, who attacked a woman in Maidstone in a "brutal ordeal", has been jailed for 11 years. Adetective said Kafel’s imprison-

ment had “removed from our streets” a dangerous person. Kafel (40) left his victim with hair-

line fractures to her eye socket and nose during a prolonged ordeal. On May 16, Kafel (pictured), of

Upper Stone Street, Maidstone, locked the victim in his flat before repeatedly assaulting her. The offender hit her head and

aimed blows to her body. Kafel also raped the woman. The victim only managed to es-

cape by jumping from a window and flagging down a passing car, before she was taken to Maidstone police station. She broke her leg dur- ing the fall from the building. Police then went to Kafel’s home

where he threatened to stab himself with a knife and insisted on talking to negotiators. He was eventually arrested and during police interviews denied any wrongdoing. Hewas shown photos of the victim’s injuries and told offi-

cers they could have been fabri- cated, alleging policewere colluding with the victim to set him up. Appearing at Maidstone Crown

Court Kafel pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and was sentenced on October 21. Detective Constable Jonathan

Pearce, of Kent Police’s Sexual Of- fences Investigation Team, said: “Kafel subjected his victim to a quite brutal ordeal, both mentally and physically. I have no doubt her in- juries would have been even worse had she not summoned the incredi- ble bravery to make her escape. “I would like to thank the victim

for having the courage to help with our investigation." Mister Maker joins Mall party

LIFE begins at 40 – and for The Mall in Maidstone that is definitely the case, thanks to a £6m facelift. Celebrating the centre’s new look were children’s TV favourite Mister

Maker and Heart FM’s Claire Lawson, who joined 400 kids to mark the birthday of the shopping centre, which opened as the Stoneborough in November 1976. Refurbishmentwork began

in May to fit intelligent light- ing which adjusts to the weather, white porcelain flooring, heightened shop fronts and exposed ceiling beams. New glass entrances have also been fitted in King Street and Gabriel’s Hill, and awin- dow added into the Golden Boot. Marketing manager Suzie Brindle said: “The shoppers loved Mister

Maker, who stayed for ages for autographs and pictures. “Our makeover day gave us a great opportunity to show off the Mall, and the changes since our refresh, and the new shops that we have.”

Zika discovery EGGS belonging to a mosquito which can transmit the deadly tropical Zika disease have been found for the first time in the UK - in a village off the M20. People in Stanford, near Folke-

stone, have been sent letters telling them Asian tiger mosquito eggs had been discovered nearby. Public Health England said no further evidence of the insect had been detected and therewas no risk to public health in the UK.

Charity coffee AMACMILLANCoffee Morning, organised by the Healthy High Streets group, raised more than £4,000. The group’s next project is Children In Need.

Groo date SANTA and his elves will be in his grotto at Maidstone Mencap’s Christmas Bazaar at Cobtree Hall from 2..30pm on Saturday, Novem- ber 26. Call Rita on 07790 643218 for details.

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