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News Barming

Barming Youth FC The football clubwas still looking at availability of suitable land for a permanent home ground. Ash tree die-backAresident had drawn Cllr Fay Gooch’s aention to the trees between Bull Orchard and Hall Place as therewere concerns that certain treeswere suffering from die-back. Cllr Dow had looked at the trees and confirmed therewas no die-back. Cllr Gooch had reported the maer to Maidstone Council and KCC as part- landowners. Parish field Cllr Gooch had visited the property of the resident who had reported overgrown brambles encroaching on his property on the northern boundary of the field. Therewere concerns over the height of the boundary and members agreed that the hedge needed to be cut back to six feet. The clerk would contact Landscape Services and arrange for the winter cut of the hedge to be brought forward to early November. This would ensure the whole northern boundary would be reduced in height. InvolveAcheque for £25 would be donated to Involve towards older people’s services offered to the residents of Barming. Remembrance Sunday Members agreed to continue to rent the road sign equipment from Peter Gooch, to donate £50 to the Royal British Legion for the wreath and to pay £30 towards the cost of printing 300 service sheets. All members would be available to help on the day. Barming News Itwas agreed to reduce the distribution down Farleigh Lane as this area is too far beyond Barming parish. Future projects Cllr Manser updated members regarding the fault with thewater heater at the pavilion.An engineer would be coming to look at it free of charge. Itwas agreed for the clerk to contact Gavin Lawrence for advice regarding the purchase and installation of a new kitchen in the pavilion. Bridge Therewere continuing talks with East Farleigh, Teston and Kent Highways

A VEHICLE was damaged in Tonbridge Road. A silver Renault Clio saloon, registration

LX54 ***,was damaged in Catherine Close. Items were taken from a car parked in a communal area in Queens House. Asat navwas stolen from a Hyundai car in Saffron Close. A vehicle was broken into in Bramble

Close. A bicycle was stolen from a car port in ThymeWalk. Items were taken from a car in Fennel

Close. Avehiclewas broken into inWestborough

Mews. A blue Carrera bicycle was stolen from a storage area at a block of flats in Tonbridge Road.

Therewas an attempt to break in to a vehi- cle in Haydon Close.



+VAT 32 Maidstone December 2016

concerning the width restrictions on the bridge and it had been confirmed that Kent Highways would not install traffic lights at Farleigh Bridge for safety reasons. DogsAresident had requested larger signage at the parish field to remind people to clear up any mess that is left afterwalking their dogs. Memberswere against installing signs as they felt dog owners know that they are responsible for clearing up after their animals.


Ducks Communitywarden Liz Lova reported on the killing of ducks at Brooks Field pond and that the people using catapultswere unfortunately not traced. She also mentioned that installing CCTV may be a problem due to there being no street lighting. Borough Cllr Sue Grigg spoke about the incident and also about stones being thrown at pigeons. She had pursued the possibility of installing CCTV though KCC and Maidstone Council. Itwas understood that Loose Amenities Association supported the idea and would help with funding.Aresidentwas happy to have a camera on his house and would pay up to to 50% of the cost. Busbridge Road The erosion of the roadwas discussed and the maer of reflective bollards which had fallen down the bank due to there not being any road vergeo. FireAfire in Gordon Court and problems with fire services regarding no road name and accesswas reported. BushesAresident said overgrown bushes in Brooks Fieldwere affecting light in their property. This would be discussed by the environment commiee. Pavilion project The chairman thanked all councillors who took part in the public open day. Maers raised on the planswere in some cases vehemently challenged. Itwas agreed to withdraw the planning application and this decisionwas ratified. Terms of reference would be prepared for a new commiee to take the project forward. Resignations Cllr Irene Songhurstwas

stepping down from the council. Shewas thanked for her sterling work and for taking on the challenging role of chairman to the LPC McAlpine Trust. Cllr Gordon Bernard also confirmed that he would be resigning from the parish council on March 31, 2017, as he would be moving out of the parish. The need to recruit new councillors and try a new approachwas discussed. Fete The fete had made more money than in previous years and there had been good feedback from the public. The dog showwas very popular. However, therewas uncertainty whether the events commiee would continue in view of the lack of people available to organise further events.


Burial ground repairs The application to the Heritage Loery Fund had been unsuccessful and alternative funding streamswere being investigated. Notice boards New notice boards would be installed opposite the junction of Gleneagles Drive and in the car park. CCTV Itwas noted that in the event of Maidstone Council cancelling or reducing the CCTV system, Tovil Parish Council would have authority over its camera at the junction of Wharf Road and Church Road. Maintenance Itwas agreed in principle to take over the maintenance of some KCC- owned land and the chairman and vice-chairman would discuss details with KCC. Speed The speed of vehicles in the Gleneagles Drive/RedstartAvenue junction areawas brought to the council’s aention. The chairman would contact Kent Highways and TaylorWimpey. The clerk would ask the Highways Steward for a site meeting with Cllr Philip Everest. QuizAquiz night will take place on Friday, December 2, at Tovil Working Men’s Club. Nature reserve Cllr PaulWilbywas now the chairman of Hayle Park Nature Reserve. The meeting received a brief resume of recent activities.An open daywas being planned for 2017.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police A property was damaged in Melford

Drive. Vehicle partswere stolen from the back gar-

den of a home in Sheppey Road. An objectwas thrown at a property in Sev-

ington Park, damaging it. A garage in Avington Close, Tovil, was damaged. Personal documentswere stolen in a break-

in at a home in Straw Mill Hill, Tovil. A red Apollo BMX bike was stolen from

school grounds in Boughton Lane. A Suzuki scooter was taken from Arm-

strong Road and later recovered in a park. Power tools were taken from a vehicle in Eddington Close. Avehicle had its tyre damaged in Hawkes

Way. A vehicle was broken into in Beacons- field Road, Tovil. Avehiclewas damaged in Strachan Close. Power toolswere taken from a building site

in Tovil Green, Tovil. Avehiclewas broken into in Loose Road. A grey Boardman road bicycle was stolen from a car port in Wharfdale Square, Tovil.

The driver’s mirror of a Ford Focus was damaged in Wharf Road, Tovil. Toolswere stolen from a van inWatersmeet

Close. A Vauxhall Corsawas broken into in Tovil

Green, Tovil. The door of a car was damaged in a car

park in Melrose Close. Itemswere stolen from a shed at a home in Millers Wharf, Tovil. Three cars belonging to a cab company

were damaged in Wharf Road, Tovil. A blue and white Suzuki 750 motorcycle, registration WM08 ***, was stolen from Woodford Road, Fant. A vehicle was dam- aged in Upper Fant Road, Fant, but no access was gained. A vehicle was stolen from a covered park-

ing bay in Milton Street, Fant.A vehicle was scratched in Hart Street, Fant. The doors of a van were damaged on a

driveway in Upper Fant Road, Fant, but noth- ing was taken. A Toyota Aygo was badly damaged in a parking bay in Portsdown Close, Fant.

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