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Remember, remember, these gigs in November. Why waste your money on flashy fireworks when there's this much live music to choose from instead? Put some fresh batteries in your bike lights, some air in your tyres, and pump up the volume with this shed full of delights.

And whilst you are out and about on two wheels, check out Te Bicycle Shopthis month for some great acts, starting on the 1stwith Gilmore and Roberts. On a tandem.

Enjoy Te Big MoonatTe Waterfront Studioon the 2nd.Share their Eureka Moment with help from Trudy and the Romance, and Next Big Ting finalists Dazy Crown.

If you like Greek synthesiser electropop (and who doesn't?) then you'll love Marsheaux, two Athenians who got together at a Depeche Mode party in 2003. Tey are playing at Epic Studioson the5th. It's all part of TEC004, organised by Te Electricity Club. Kid Kasioand Rodney Cromwell complete the line-up.

Norwich could be turning into a Ghost Town on the 9th.Did Terry Hall really have Too Much Too Young? Find out when Te Specials visit Te LCR.Remember to send Rudy a message afterwards.

My mission to see every band that performed in an

episode of Te Young Ones continues whenNine Below Zero visit Norwich Arts Centreon the 10th. I'll have an extra sweater on for that one.

Check out London alternative band Backward Houseswhen they play Te Murdererson the 11th. Support comes from Violet Kicksand LK,and as always it's free. Enter and leave via the front door as usual.

Punk is 40 years old, and it's hard to believe that so many of these original bands are still touring. Edinburgh's finest, Te Rezillos, visit Te Waterfront Studioon the 12th, with three original members still in the line-up. If you Can't Stand Te Rezillos, then you ain't no punk.

Two of my favourite singer songwriters share the bill back at Te Waterfront Studioon the 14th.Scott Matthewsand Kathryn Williamswill enchant and impress in equal amounts. Double lovely.

Now signed to Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread Man Records, Foy Vancehas gone from strength to strength with

34 / November 2016/

new album Te Wild Swan. Float upstream to Norwich Arts Centreon the 15th. I may be sticking my neck out here, but I think you'll like him.

Tere's another acoustic double-header on the 16th when Danni Nichollsand Robert Vincentplay the Britannia Caféinside the historic Guildhall. Nice and cosy, like.

After all this mellow acoustic stuff I think I'm gonna have to check out Californian pop punks Nerf Herder at Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 18th. I think it's good to make my ears bleed at least once a month. And allow a bit of Santa Barbara sunshine into my life at the same time.

Legendary folk singer- songwriter Steve Tilstonis at Open on the 19th along with local favourites Milly Hirstand Chad Mason.He might even bring his arpeggione along. Tat will have you rushing for your musical dictionaries.

Betcha by Golly Wow (are we still allowed to say that?), Te Stylistics are playing at St Andrews Hallon the 20th. Tey really used to make me feel brand new back in the 70's. Now I just feel old.

An Evening With Kristin Hersh at Norwich Arts Centreon the 21st promises both music and book readings with the former front person and singer of seminal band Trowing Muses. Tis one is a definite must.

If you Adore Life you will

want to be at Te LCRon the 23rd. Jenny Beth will be kicking some ass when Savages return to Norwich. Form an orderly queue for that one.

No torch required when Lanterns On Te Lakeplay Openon the 24th.A five piece indie outfit from Newcastle, they have made waves touring both Europe and the USA. Paddle on down.

Sharpen your Chelsea Daggers ready for when Te Fratellis return to Te LCR on the 27th to play Costello Music in its entirety, ten years after its original release. Make mine an Irn Bru.

Or be a Regular Urban Survivor and have an evening Shaving Peaches at Te Waterfronton the 28th with Terrorvision.Tat'll be a shot of Tequila, then? Or two. I'm Good To Go.

Scottish duo Honeyblood first played here a couple of years ago, just after replacing Shona McVicar on drums when she left to become a dentist. Wouldn't it be awesome if local band Sink Ya Teeth also played when they return to Norwich Arts Centreon the 29th?(Support is still to be confirmed as we go to press).

So, that much good stuff, and we all still have Christmas to look forward to. I'll meet you underneath the tree in December.


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