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WWI commemorationsA commemorative benchwas suggested. November 11, 2018, will be a Sunday and possible activities for the daywere discussed including a memorial service at St Margaret’s Church, coffee at the Bull Inn following the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial, church bells ringing out at 11am, community singsong in the afternoon. Itwas suggested that the school might delay the usual firework night display to the Sunday to round off the day’s events and that St Margaret’s Band could be involved. Cllr Vizzard said it would be a good idea and a way of bringing the village together but that residents would notwant the fireworks too late on a Sunday night. All councillors agreed they were happy in principle to explore the idea further. Allotments visit It had been agreed that it would be good for councillors to view the allotments at different times of the year.A visit had been booked and all councillors would aend. Weeds The manager at Maerdale Gardens had asked for theweeds from the council’s land to be cut back. The clerk had contacted Landscape Services for a quote to strimweeds, remove debris and re-seed or turf.A quote would also be obtained for an alternative clearance method of digging out and to then keep cuing. Planning Members recommended refusal of an application for a new access driveway to BarmingWater Tower from the driveway of 80 Rede Wood Road, and asked for it to go to commiee if the council is minded to approve it. Concerns

AVEHICLE was taken from Belmont Close, Barming. Partswere removed from a vehicle in

WallisAvenue. Avan parked in a communal car park in Bicknor Roadwas broken into and tools were stolen. Ahome inWallisAvenuewas burgled. Avehiclewas deliberately damaged in St Catherine’s Road. Avehiclewas scratched in a car park in

Union Street. The lockswere damaged on a car in Northdown Close. The wing mirrorwas broken off a VW

Passat parked in a driveway on Chatham Road. Avehicle parked in Perry Street was

keyed. Garden furniturewas stolen from the

front garden of a house in Egerton Road. Abicyclewas taken from outside a property in Hawkwood, Allington. Three plant potswere stolen from the

front garden of a property in Boxley Road. Therewas an aempt to break into a property in Peel Street. Avehiclewas vandalised in The Mallows. Five treeswere cut down in a garden in CollegeAvenue. Awheelwas stolen from a van in a business yard in Ashford Road. Ablue Nissan Note, registration number

NB08 F**,was stolen from a car park in Mote Road. Ablue and yellow road compactor and a generatorwere stolen from a garage forecourt in London Road, Allington. ANissan Juke parked in Tovil Road had the rear windscreen smashed.

46 Maidstone Town September 2016

were raised about the impact on the quiet cul-de-sac, the additional traffic and the loss of parking space at number 80. Rubbish The chairman had received complaints about bags of rubbish being left uncollected at the corner of Heath Road/North Street. She had asked Maidstone Council to ask the contractors to collect as soon as possible on the designated day and to move the collection point to over the road by the wall. Noise Complaints had been received about the Redstart pub’s PA system at a recent event. Maidstone Council enforcement office had been informed and had advised that the most effectiveway to deal with amplified intrusionwas to ask the landlord to turn it down. Wrongway Complaints had been received that traffic kept going the wrong side of the war memorial when turning from Tonbridge Road into North Street. Kent Highway Services had been asked to provide an additional No Entry sign to face traffic turning from the A26. The current No Entry sign faced down South Street. Pot holes Numerous potholes had been reported along Church Lane and had been filled with a jet patching machine. HeaterA quote of £130 had been received for a newwater heater in the pavilion kitchen. Itwas agreed the clerk should arrange to have it fied up to a maximum of £200. FallA resident had reported that he had fallen over on undergrowth by the zebra crossing and cut his face. The chairman would contact the manager of Clockhouse Farm about it.


Community warden Liz Lova said complaints had been received about parking at school times on Copper Tree Court. Parking enforcement had been contacted and the possibility of re- introducing the walking buswas discussed. Cllr Jim Andrew asked if she was aware of thefts from Scout land. She confirmed that both she and the PCSO were aware. The cast iron plaque commemorating the viaductwas missing. Kirkdale cycle routeA leer had been received about this and after discussion, it was agreed that although it had been decided that Kirkdale should not be used as a cycle route there may have been some ambiguity in the local plan. The deputy clerk would respond accordingly. Neighbourhood planning It had been agreed to remain with Feria Urbanism to complete the Regulation 14 document.A policy on flora and fauna had been agreed. Further information would be provided on parking and bungalows.A stall had been set up at the duck race but therewas limited interest. Questionnaires would be sent out in due course. Local plan Cllr Peter Rigby advised that walking and cycling had been split from transport. Cllr Jim Andrew said the National Planning Policy Framework favoured planning applications that emphasisedwalking, cycling, public transport and then cars. Itwas agreed that no further actionwas required. Play area Itwas reported that a bolt was missing from the disabled swing seat on the Titan swing. This would be reported.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

Documents, handbags,wallets and luggagewas stolen from a pub in the High Street. Ablack Honda CBR 125, registration GJ12

***,was taken from Old Tovil Road but later recovered. Apickpocket took lager and cash from someone inWeek Street. The wing mirrorwas taken from a vehicle

in College Road. Damagewas caused in an aempt to

break in to a property in Mote Road. Alocked bicyclewas taken from a cycle

stand in Mill Street. About 50 granite blockswere stolen from

a building site in Union Street, where they had been laid as paving. Awhite Ford C-Maxwas damaged and

partswere removed in Wheeler Street. Agreen bicyclewas stolen from Siingbourne Road. Afencewas damaged at a property in Wheeler Street. Cash, credit cards and documentswere

stolen from theWaitrose supermarket in Castle Road, Allington. Awindowwas smashed at a bus stop in SnowdownAvenue. Childrenwere reportedly seen throwing stones. Partswere removed from a car in Cooling

Close. Asilver Ford Transit van, registration number PN61 A**,was stolen from NewburyAvenue, Allington.

Some hand tools and vehicle partswere

stolen from the boot of a Land Rover in St Peter’s Street. Abikewas stolen from a recreation ground in Poplar Grove, Allington. Avehiclewas taken without consent from Queensgate. ABosch drill and a Makita drillwere amongst tools stolen from a van parked in GraceAvenue. Ashedwas broken into at a home in Fernhill Road, Fant, but nothing appeared to have been taken. AHonda Civicwas taken from a commercial premises in Ashford Road, Shepway, but later recovered. The number platewas removed from a

grey Peugeot 2008 in Fant Lane, Fant. Ahandbag, travel documents, purse,

various cards and some moneywas stolen from a disabled toilet area inWillowWay, Shepway. The handbagwas later recovered. Therewas an aempt to break in to a shed in CliffordWay, Fant.




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