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Childhood Cancer Taylor’s gaming wish comes true

WHEN Microsoft agreed to give Taylor Scott access to their global world of game-making, it was a dream come true for the Invicta Girls’ Grammar School student.

Taylor, from Penenden Heath, describes her date with Microsoft’s designers at Rare Studios in Leices- ter as simply “amazing”, with playing Sea of Thieves as one of the highlights. The 14-year-old, who was diag-

nosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia last year, was given ac- cess to a secret project the Rare team is working on and advice on the best way to break into the in- dustry, after expressing an interest in a career in video game design. Make a Wish UK arranged the

trip formumTanya, dad Jamie and their only daughter, who was di- agnosed just after her 13th birth- day on Christmas Day, after complaining of tiredness and pains in her bones. A Rare spokesman said: “It was

our very great pleasure to host a visit for Taylor and her parents. She had an incredible time meeting our development teams and get- ting a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into how challenging, but wonderful, the game-making busi- ness can be. “Wewere so pleased she enjoyed

her time with us and we hope to have inspired a future employee.” Taylor’s mum Tanya said: “Tay-

lor knows what she wants to do after school for definite now. She is a big gamer and plays Xbox, so when Make-A-Wish UK asked her what she wanted to do, she said Microsoft straight away. “Although she didn’t think it

would be possible, when she found out shewas going to Rare she cried

and then laughed. Itwas a dream!” Taylor, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment which she hopes will finish in April, also has to contend with vascular necrosis – a complication resulting from her steroid treatment that af- fects the blood supply to her hips, knees and left shoulder. This means she currently uses a wheel- chair to get around. However, there was no need to

worry on the day of her trip be- cause Make-A-Wish UK, sent a limousine to pick the family up from Gladstone Road. Tanya laughed: “Everyone was looking through the window aswe drove along, thinking we were su- perstars; therewas a disco ball and

everything. Itwas a bit flash for us, but that’s what making a wish is all about.” Asked what advice Taylor had

for another wish child fighting a serious illness, she said: “Stay strong and believe it’s going to get better. If you don’t stay strong then it’s going to be a much harder jour- ney.” Taylor’s parents and friends now

hope that when her treatment ends and her mobility improves to take her to Japan to see the country’s art and culture, which she loves. They have already raised £8,000 in antic- ipation. Mum Tanya said: “Her art is her therapy, and once she is mobile again, we will whisk her away.”

“Stay strong and believe it’s going to get beer. If you don’t stay strong then it’s going to be a much harder journey”

Laughter ‘theway forward’

TANYA has called on anyone wishing to help to give to the small charities that she has found have provided such support to the fam- ily.

These include Teens Unite, Taylor enjoys game with dad Jamie in hospital

which is specifically for teenagers with cancer and took Taylor to see Muse and sent her a bag of goodies when shewas feeling down. Tanya said: “These lesser-known charities offer so much help.We all know of someone with cancer, but when it hits you personally, you fi- nally understand what it means.” She says that whileTaylor’s treat-

ment is tough, small things like un- evenwalkways and people parking on the pavements are actually the things that upset and restrict their movements the most. Tanya said: “You even have peo-

ple blatantly say if you arewalking with a stick that you are pulling a fast one.” In spite of the pain, both she and

her daughter “joke their way to health and happiness” with a posi- tive attitude. Tanya said: “We stay positive and joke all the time and Taylor is made of very strong stuff. It’s the onlyway forward.”

September is national Childhood Cancer Awareness month 24 Maidstone Town September 2016

Taylor at Microsoft withmumTanya and dad Jamie and below, in hospital

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