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Seeing things differently in Osborne Village Eyes in the Village offers new look at eye care experience

The friendly team at Eyes in the Village. (L-R) Desiree Rafael, Sean Sylvestre, Dr. Benji Itzkow and Rachel Leclerc Derek Gagnon


his used to be the eyesore of the village. We now have one of the nicest storefronts in the village.”

It’s true, when you used to walk through

Osborne Village, the space at 134 Osborne Street wasn’t exactly visually appealing until Dr. Benji Itzkow acquired the space in early 2015. Major changes were done before Eyes in the Village could open, and optician Sean Sylvestre explains how they decided to go with the open concept office that now exists in the space. “We did a substantial renovation and

opened in June of 2015,” said Sean. “We didn’t want to be your drab, old, dingy medical practice.” Sean mentions the white walls and white

lab coats, and that “medical smell” you often encounter in the traditional optom- etrists office, and that wasn’t what they were going for. Sean has said that the recent surge in

online shopping has hurt optometry around Canada, as most optometrists use retail sales of glasses to fund the medical side of the business. Sean met Benji through a mutual friend.

When the friend heard that Benji was looking to open his own space, the friend referred him to Sean. Te two connected on LinkedIn and a business was born. Eye on Education

Working as an optician came as a bit of

a natural fit for Sean, as it was his father’s profession. After working for him for a few years, Sean challenged and passed the exam to become an optician. Benji did his undergrad at the University of Winnipeg before going to the prestigious

Serving Osborne Village.

optometry school at the University of Wa- terloo. While spending time in Ontario and eventually B.C. was rewarding, Benji said the decision to come home was easy. “I practiced in Vancouver for a year, and

just realized that Winnipeg is the place for me. Tere’s no place like it in Canada. You just can’t recreate ‘Friendly Manitoba’ anywhere else.” Framing things well

“We do have hipster frames, but we’re not

exclusively hipster.” Sean notes that there are many styles available at Eyes in the Vil- lage, as they don’t want to cater to just one demographic. One of the things that both Sean and

Benji will stress is that your frame and pre- scription should suit each other, and that’s something you can’t get with buying online. Te inability to try glasses on ordered on- line means you don’t know if they will suit your eyes, sit well on your face or look good. “I get to choose what I think is best for

the customer,” said Benji. “When you work for someone like Wal-Mart or Pearl vision,


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Located in the heart of the Village at Osborne and Stradbrook.

you’re just a cog in their machine. We offer products for every income level and life- style. Some people can only afford certain things, so we have products for them, and some people want high-end products, and we have products for them as well.” Eyes in the Village offers the chance for

customers to come back eight to ten months after their glasses purchase, and if the pre- scription is noticeably different, they will make the necessary lens corrections at no cost. Tis is just one of the ways to ensure customers come back. “We want to make sure people are happy

with they’ve got and they’re seeing well. In our industry, you sell people a pair of glass- es and they come back every two or three years when their insurance rolls over they come in and get a new pair. We wanted to interrupt that cycle and have people come back to see us more often, and to ensure that they’re happy and seeing as good as they can be.” Vision for the future

Eyes in the Village is open Monday to

Friday, including Wednesday evenings. Benji notes that hours could change going forward depending on demand, but feels that things are running smoothly for now. Te plan going forward is for a second ex-

amining room to get running, which would allow Benji to see more patients. Te space also allows for the potential of bringing in another optometrist as well. “I think as we progress we can bring in

another associate, and potential open up another couple of stores,” said Sean. “If you look at our name, Eyes in the Village, our name was designed to allow us to have multiple locations. ‘Hey we’re Eyes in St. James, Eyes in St. Vital’. But we want to make sure that we have our business model solid enough that we can replicate it effectively first.” Eyes in the Village is located in Osborne

Village at 134 Osborne Street. Its open 9-5:30 every weekday but Wednesday, when it’s open 11-7:30. For more info, stop by and see them, shoot an email to hello@eyesin- or call 204-477-1636

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