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Choices, choices, choices. Whether it's ties, suits or shirts, there's a wide variety to choose from

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“Gainfully employed, we found we weren’t completely

fulfilled with our current work, and we met regularly with a hope to come up with an entrepreneurial venture worth pursuing. We eventually discovered this Custom Suit concept through our own personal experiences. Graduating university, your wardrobe required a quick update and, at that time, we found out that the suits we desired were far out of our price range. A well-fit, slim, tapered European design, was what we sought but instead we were to relegated to purchasing ill-fitting off- the-rack garments. Hence, the impetus for a solution to fill this hole in the marketplace – Eph Apparel was born shortly later.” A search began overseas to find a reputable tailor and

team to work with, and down the path of entrepreneur- ship they began by selling out of Alex’s basement. Even- tually, this grew to selling in pop-up venues such as the Winnipeg Winter Club and continued success eventually led to their flagship storefront now located at 291 Garry Street in downtown Winnipeg. Alex was the first to make the jump from his full-time

job to immerse in the sales aspect on Eph, helping the business to grow and allowing for more interaction with potential customers. Over the last three years, Andrew and finally Maciek have joined Alex and the three have seen tens of thousands of suits sold since. Tailored for Canada

After a period of initial success selling in Winnipeg,

the Eph Gentleman recognized that there was a grow- ing demand for their product coming from outside of Winnipeg, as customers that had moved away desired to remain long-term customers, and soon EPH began conducting fittings in other cities across Canada. As demand continued to grow, fittings were hosted in

more cities around the country. Te decision was made to develop a direct sales model using Sales Reps or as they call them “Personal Style Representatives”, allowing the Eph team to have local persons on the ground available to conduct fittings and offer style advice for prospective as well as returning customers. “Tis model has and continues to allow us to infiltrate new networks without the expensive commitment of a

brick and mortar location,” said Alex. Alex adds that Eph is currently exploring adding an additional brick and mortar storefront in Western Canada sometime in the next 12-18 months. As Barney Stinson would say…SUIT UP

A very healthy chunk of Eph Apparel’s business comes

from weddings and they have also recently begun sell- ing custom made clothes tailored for women, as well as, expanding into the uniform space, with current partner- ships with the Winnipeg Jets, Crosstown Civic Credit Union and Freshii to name a few. If you’re interested in getting fitted for a suit, there

are a number of options available to you. Visit them at their flagship storefront in Downtown Winnipeg at 291 Garry Street. Tey are open Tuesday-Saturday (11:00am- 7:00pm) and no appointments are required. You can also coordinate a Private Fitting at your home for groups of 7 or more. Lastly, feel free to purchase online through their easy to follow e-commerce site at www.ephapparel. com. (Want to contact them directly – 1-888-343-6117 or

Best dressed mannequin in town.

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February 2016

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