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informed through social media. The parish council would provide suggestions for ancillary usage of the new church buildings. Residents An updatewas received from Kings Hill Residents Group regarding the provision of retirement homes within phase 3. After much discussion, the group was advised to arrange a meeting with the managing director of Liberty Property Trust to discuss its concerns and also with KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour. BroadbandA meeting had been arranged with KCC to discuss broadband on Kings Hill.

Traffic signals KCC and Liberty were investigating the timing of the traffic signals on the A228 AshtonWay junction with Kings Hill. Lighting The new street lights inWarwick Way were completely different from those in the rest of Kings Hill. Cllr Balfour would investigate why they had been installed. Boundary Itwas agreed to put forward a formal request to review the parish boundary to include amenities provided for Kings Hill residents. Community centre The draft design brief for the community centre reorganisation was agreed. It would be sent to architects to enable initial plans to be made up at a cost of £5,000 plus VAT.


CedarA councillor asked why the cedar tree on the recreation ground had been

FENCING was taken from a property in Forstal Road, Aylesford. The lock was damaged on the garage of a property in Bull Lane, Eccles. A mobility scooter was stolen from out-

side a community centre in Kiln Barn Road, Ditton. Golf equipment was stolen from the garage of a home in London Road, Ryarsh. The gates at a stable in Horns Lane, Mere-

worth were forced open causing damage. An alarm sounded at the time but nothing was missing. A rotavator was taken in a break-in at a

hut inWell Street, East Malling. The front door of a property in Robson

Drive, Aylesfordwas damaged but no entry was gained. Tools including a Husqvarna disc cutter

and a Makita drill were stolen from a Ford Transit van in Elm Crescent, East Malling. There was damage in the garden of a

home in Trinity Court, Aylesford. A Makita circular saw was stolen from a

home in TempleWay, East Malling. The front door of a property in Robson

Drive, Aylesfordwas damaged but no entry was gained. A window was damaged when catapults

were fired at it in TempleWay, East Malling. Red diesel was stolen from a vehicle parked in roadworks in Aylesford High Street. A parked vehicle was scratched in Carna-

tion Close, East Malling. A container on a playing field in Hall

Road, Aylesfordwas broken into and items were taken. The windscreen of a VWPassatwas dam-

aged in a car park in Howard Road, East Malling. A car was scratched in Bullen Road, East


topped. Chairman Jon Regan explained that Kent Landscapes had advised that the tree was dangerous and he had arranged for it to be cut back as an emergency measure to prevent accidents. Kent StreetA resident of Kent Street had reported that the A228 had been resurfaced but there had been no information or warning that thiswas to be done. There had been an accident when a lorry overloaded with bricks and driven too fast had tipped over and gone through the A228 hedge. Itwas further reported that the driver had been driving with a broken arm. The resident reported that the road noisewas still horrendous and therewere no road markings yet. The accident proved that a footpath alongside this road would be too dangerous. Police report Crime reports for the month included burglary other than dwelling, theft from cars and theft of pot plants. The PCSOs had spent a large amount of time in Mereworth on Sundays after continued reports of nuisance motorbikes in the woods.Warnings had been issued to several motorbike riders in the area. Itwas also reported that strawberries had been stolen from fields to be sold at boot fairs. County report KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour said that if the parish council felt strongly about a planning application, it should contact himself or borough Cllr Ann Kemp so that they could inform officers that it should be determined by the borough council’s planning commiee. He reported that the local planwas progressing and site

allocations would be published later in the year. It would affect Mereworth at the Kings Hill border. Church The parochial church council had received only 20 responses to the 1,300 leers sent to households in Mereworth and part of Kings Hill, seeking interest in inclusion in a church parish directory. Highways The clerk reported on a meeting with the Tonbridge and Malling environmental health officer about noise on the A228. Unfortunately, the borough could not offer any help with the problem. Beech Road Cyclistwarning signs had been suggested. Itwas not felt that signs would help as drivers should be aware that there may also be horses, pedestrians etc on rural roads. Allotments There had been some complaints from allotment holders about plots that were untidy. Councillors would let the clerk know of any that were not tended so that she could write to the tenants. Yellow lines The chairman had received a plan from Kent Highway Services for yellow lines in The Street to give passing places and deter drivers from blocking the road. This issue would be investigated. Sound system The owner of the sound equipment used at the fetes over the past few years wished to sell it for £200. The systemwas high quality but rather large so storage would be needed. Itwas agreed to purchase the equipment. Storage would be discussed at the next meeting.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police Two trees in the back garden of a home in

Elstar Place, Kings Hill were killed with weed killer. The front number plate was stolen from a

car parked in Smithers Lane, East Peckham. A bench in FortuneWay, Kings Hill was damaged and golf equipment was stolen from near the sixth tee at the golf club. The windscreen of a car was damaged in Church Field, Snodland. A car diffuser was removed from a vehi-

cle in a car park in Alexander Grove, Kings Hill. Various itemswere stolen during a break-

in at a building in Bow Road,Wateringbury. A window was damaged at a property in

Tower View, Kings Hill. Eggs were thrown at houses in Gassons

Road, Snodland. Four plastic chairs, two wooden chairs

and a tablewere taken from behind a school in CrispinWay, Kings Hill. An iPadwas taken from a car on the drive-

way of a home in PizienWell Road,Water- ingbury. Cash and a mobile phone was taken from

a property in Sandow Place, Kings Hill. Money was stolen in a break-in at a prop-

erty in The Lakes, Larkfield. A car parked in Queens Avenue, Snod-

land was stolen. It was later recovered, but itemswere missing. The front window of a shop in West Malling High Street was broken and hair- dressing equipmentwas stolen. Hanging basketswere taken from outside

a premises in Tonbridge Road, Watering- bury. The hub caps were stolen from a Citroen

van parked inWest Malling High Street. The rear passenger window of a Peugeot

was smashed in Grasmere, Leybourne. Aresident had their purse stolen inWater

Lane,West Malling. Cash was stolen during a break-in at a

home in Birling Road, Snodland. Items were stolen from a garage in West Malling High Street. Tools were taken from a van in Admiral

Moore Drive, Aylesford. A person entered a home in Addlestead

Road, East Peckham and demanded money from the resident. Agarage doorwas damaged at a property

in Offham Road,West Malling but nothing was taken. Amobile homewas stolen from the drive-

way of a home in CastleWay, Leybourne. A shed was broken into at a property in

Eden Farm Lane,West Malling and a ride- on mowerwas stolen.




Malling August 2015 41

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