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Crossing Regarding the proposed pedestrian crossing in Bull Lane, Eccles, monitoring wires had been placed across the road to assess volume and speed of traffic. The site of the crossingwas yet to be finalised. KCC Cllr Peter Homewood had pledged 50% of the cost from his member’s fund and would be looking to the parish council for funding support as KCC had indicated it had no other finance for this project. Members agreed to consider funding implications once the monitoring had established whether the projectwas viable and when costswere known. Old Bridge lighting Members did not consider the proposed scheme represented good value for money for residents. The clerk had investigated other ideas as requested but there appeared to be very limited options. Therewere existing lights at each end of the bridge and floodlighting, either of which it might be possible to adjust to provide beer lighting for pedestrians. Itwas agreed that local members and the clerk would visit the old bridge in the dark later in the year to ascertain a beer perspective of what was required. Flooding Workwas still awaited opposite Brassey Centre. The clerk had pursued this with KCC. The drain had been cleaned which had led to some improvement but major work required had not been prioritised. The site would continue to be monitored. Rochester Road Speed humps would be re-profiled by Kent Highway Services, which would require the road to be closed. Village square The initial design for Aylesford village square had been received and a site meeting would be arranged to discuss street furniture and other features. Lorries There had been several complaints from residents about heavy lorries coming down Rochester Road and entering the village rather than adhering to the correct route via Pratling Street. In view of media aention to similar problems in other villages whichwere being addressed by KHS under KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour, the clerk had passed these concerns to him. Cllr Homewood said KHSwas considering increasing the visibility of the sign directing HGVs to Pratling Street. The Hollow Resurfacing repair under the swingswas required before it got any worse. The initial quote from wicketswas £1,000 but the surface had deteriorated further and the cost had increased to £1,450. The clerk had authorised work to take place immediately. Eccles The skateboard park at the recreation ground had been completed. Additional goal posts for an informal kick- about area had been requested but would encroach on the flexibility of the layout of the formal football pitches sowere not feasible.


Co-option New village resident Miss Deborah Harrington had expressed an interest in becoming a parish councillor. She had previous experience as a town councillor and it was agreed, as therewere no other applicants, she would be invited to the next meeting with a view to co- option to the parish council.

40 Malling August 2015

DefibrillatorA meeting had taken place aended by some parish councillors, members of the Birling Village Hall Charitable Trust (BVHCT) commiee and Martin Render from Community Heartbeat Trust. Martin had demonstrated how the defibrillator works and gone through the options of funding the installation. The parish council and BVHCT felt the managed option would best suit both parties. Itwas agreed that the parish council would proceed with funding a defibrillator at a cost of £1,750 on a managed basis with Community Heartbeat Trust. It will be installed in the porch of the village hall with the BVHCT commiee taking on responsibility for checking the machine. The parish council would be responsible for paying the service charges and electricity costs. Roads The clerkwas asked to report that signs opposite 85 Birling Roadwere blocked by vegetation.

East Peckham

Flooding KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour reported that the Environment Agencywas due to put forward its flood alleviation suggestions for the rivers Beult and Teise. He suggested that the parish council should consider what it was prepared to do from a community emergency planning point of view and the level of funding it was prepared to include within its precept for future years. Community warden The new area supervisor and her colleague, the communitywarden for East Malling,were welcomed to the meeting. She said KCC was recruiting a replacementwarden for East Peckham and itwas likely that once an appointment had been made they would be operative from the autumn. Police report There had been four cases of criminal damage, one theft and a theft from a vehicle. There had been four incidents involving youths, the worst being a report of youths throwing items from the bridge at fast-moving vehicles on BoyleWay. FootpathA resident had drawn aention to the footpath alongside the Coult stream and asked for a stile to be replaced at the Hale Street end of the footpath. Both issues had been forwarded to KCC’s public rights ofway officer. Garages Residents had drawn aention to dilapidated garages inWestwood Road. The issue had been referred to Tonbridge and Malling Council and Russe Homes. RatsA resident of Pound Road had complained of rats on her property. She had contacted the environmental health department and had been advised to contact borough councillors. SpeedWatchA resident had expressed an interest in seing up a SpeedWatch scheme. Hewas advised that the council had agreed in principle to funding a scheme if at least 10 people volunteered to be trained to operate the equipment. Blocked ditchA resident said that the ditch on the west side of Hale Streetwas clogged up. The maer would be referred to KCC. Bus shelter The new shelter had been installed at Old Road/Crown Acres. Jubilee Hall While regular bookings remained consistent the parish council had lost the weekly Fit4U class on Monday mornings. TheWOKgym clubwas hoping

to run some classes from Tonbridge Girls Grammar School and itwas hoped alternative hirers would be found to fill the vacated hours. Extra summer classes would generate additional income. Youth shelter The shelterwas still prone to graffiti aacks, most of whichwas being removed by the groundsman. Anti-social behaviour had been reported to the police. The groundsman had removed lier and broken boles and had worked extra hours. Play area Itwas proving difficult to obtain the necessary tool to repair the closing mechanisms on the gates. If this failed, wickets would be engaged to do the work. Benches The picnic bench had been repaired and installation of the new bencheswas imminent. Itwas hoped that Heritage Fingerposts would install another bench in lieu of a financial penalty for the late completion and installation of the fingerposts. Milestone Following the completion of the fingerpost project and selement of the account, the council would be able to ascertain whether enough money remained to proceed with the planned renovation of the milestone in BoyleWay. Twier Itwas resolved to set up a parish council Twier account by the autumn. The posts would be factual and in accordance with the parish council’s policies. Surgeries The venue for the proposed parish council surgerieswas discussed. The dateswere to be forwarded to the clerk. It was suggested that the meetings be held in the Oasis Room in the Methodist building or the parish council’s own meeting room. Itwas agreed that the Oasis Room offered more privacy andwas centrally located. Garden competition Cllr Serina Page had been approached by a resident about the return of a garden competition. Itwas agreed that the competition should be run in 2016, and it would be organised by Cllr Page along with Cllrs Lynton Wright and Mick Barton. Allotments Tonbridge and Malling Councilwas trying to arrange for one of its contacts to install the container at a cheaper rate than the suppliers. Therewere currently three available plots. Twinning The East Peckham Twinning Association had held a special meeting where itwas agreed to suspend the EPTA constitution and associated activities. The EPTA would be run on a more flexible and informal basis. Banking arrangements would remain unchanged and remaining funds would be used only for twinning activities.A new commiee could be formed at any time and a final newsleer would be circulated.

Kings Hill

Vicar Itwas reported that Mark Montgomery, the new vicar for Kings Hill, would be taking up his post this autumn. Church Andrew Wooding-Jones, the project manager from the Diocese of Rochester to oversee the Kings Hill project, was introduced and the new church buildingwas discussed. He explained how the new church project needed to work closely with the community centre so that their uses did not conflict and reflected the needs of the community without detrimental effect.A street survey would be undertaken and residents would be

Parish Councils

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