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THE Arriva 71 bus service be- tween Maidstone and Snodland now operates through the new Holborough Lakes estate in Snod- land, cutting out Constitution Hill – and has caused an uproar. Previously, the route from St Benedict Road took the bus down Constitution Hill along Holbor- ough Road into the estate – and back again. A road, built specifically for

buses, opened on August 2. The bus route now goes from St Bene- dict Road, along Cemetery Road, Manley Boulevard on the estate, along Snodland Bypass, Holbor- ough Road, left into the High Street, Queens Avenue, back along

Holborough Road and through the estate to St Benedict Road. Arriva has increased the number

of services, including late at night, and has now provided a Sunday service. Brian Holman, of Constitution

Hill, said local people did not know about the change as there was no consultation. Therewere large lor- ries in the High Street delivering to the two Co-op stores and drivers of buses would have real problems getting past them, he said. “It will be a difficult walk for people who have been to Tesco’s to carry their shopping to their homes,” he added.“We have got to make a noise about this to let Ar-

riva know they have made a mis- take. We will all suffer.” Iris Relf, also of Constitution Hill,

said there were many old people living in her road, Tomlin Close and Bingley Close. They would not be able towalk as far as St Benedict Road. She added: “I rang Arriva and said it had to be a man who planned this route. A woman would have seen how illogical it was.”

Snodland Town Council mem-

bers were due to meet representa- tives of Arriva as the Downs Mail went to press. Chairman Peter Misy described

the new route as “terrible” and buses going down the High Street was “even worse”. He thought the road through Holborough Lakes was one-way. “They used to go down the High

Street many years ago and they had to stop because of the lorries deliv- ering,“ he said. “Someone at Arriva who doesn’t know the town has de- cided to change it back to how it was.

“What can we do about it? It is The new route for the Arriva 71 bus service is a “mistake” say local residents Advertisement feature

not going to work because the buses will not be able to get down the High Street. How can we get Arriva to see this?”

Line of five

MARGARET Kitney has become a great-great-grandmother and is the matriarch of five generations of females. The 93-year-old is pictured hold-

ing Lilia Olde with, fromleft, Lilia’s mother Gabrielle King (19), Tara Tomkins (43)andAnnette King (62). Margaret married George Cable,

for many years a member of East Malling and Larkfield Parish Coun- cil and the old Malling Rural Dis- trict Council (now Tonbridge and Malling Council) and lived in Brooklands Road, Larkfield. George died in 1975, aged 55,

and in 1983 she married Keith Kit- ney, who died two years later. She lived at St Peter’s Court, Ditton for 20 years and moved to Rectory Close, Snodland four years ago.


Malling August 2015


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