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city’s oldest neighbourhoods. Historically, it has always been one to welcome new immi- grants, many of them entrepreneurs to the city. It developed as an area of mixed-use buildings, where commercial and residen- tial structures were built in close proxim- ity to each other. Today, many apartments still exist above and behind retail shops and eateries. It is one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the city with approximately 36,000 residents calling the West End home. Tat’s roughly the size of Portage La Prairie, Steinbach and Selkirk combined and a lot of potential customers! Centrally located, adjacent to downtown,

Our urban neighbourhood: the West End S

By Gloria Cardwell Hoeppner

o you think you know the West End? Winnipeg's West End started to de- velop around 1890 making it one of the

the West End has eight major transportation routes with commercial corridors passing directly through it. Many smaller but still crucial roadways connect with these, mak- ing the West End easily accessible to and from all areas of the city by car, transit or bike. Dozens of businesses are within walk- ing distance on any given street. Approximately 1,100 businesses and or-

ganizations operate in the West End, along with world class recreation, education and health facilities. Te Cindy Klassen Center, UW RecPlex, West End Cultural Centre, University of Winnipeg and Richardson College for the Environment, and the Health Sciences Centre are all amenities that draw people to the area, locally, and internationally. Part of the West Ends appeal is its di-

versity. Te culture and unique business districts, and a wide array of goods and services offered with warm hospitality from shop owners keeps people coming back. Sixty percent of our businesses have been in the West End for more than 10 years. Icons like Mordens of Winnipeg, Independ- ent Jewellers, Jeannies Bakery and Prairie Stained Glass are just a few of the many successful businesses who have been here for decades. Te West End is also affordable. Te av- erage retail rental rate is $12.94 per square

The West End Biz Office on the corner of Langside and Portage Ave. Photo by AJ Batac.

foot. Although property values have risen dramatically in recent years through revi- talization efforts, West End properties still offer great value, and with our location, density, diverse business districts and amenities, can offer a clear advantage over the suburbs. Building on the density of our

inner city will only create more activity and opportunities for everyone. Perception has been our worst enemy but

you just have to look at the headlines to see that crime knows no boundaries and no

area is exempt. Te reality is… crime stats in the West End have been steadily falling for

Embracing the Culture in Manitoba

several years. And on the rise? Our people, places and new development. Winnipeg's West End. We invite you to look again. Gloria Cardwell Hoeppner is the Executive

Director of the West End Business Improve- ment Zone.

Culture Days feature a wide array of arts and entertainment. Photo by Gaune Studios W

innipeg is home to wonderful arts and cul- tural festivals that make our summers excit- ing and our winters a little more bearable.

Te sixth annual CultureDays on Sept.25, 26, and 27 is sure to be a highlight of the upcoming fall season with small and large-scale cultural events taking place across Canada. During last year’s Culture Days Manitoba, over 40,000 people attended more than 350 events throughout the province, and Winnipeg was once again the most happening spot in the country with a record setting number of events. If you’ve been out to Culture Days before, you’ll

know this is your opportunity to see some of our prov- inces best artists, musicians, dancers, storytellers, and turban-winders alike. Many of the venues and artists

6 Smart Biz

Student Day in Central Park. Photo by Gaune Studios

involved in the celebration charge admission during the rest of the year so Culture Days is the perfect op- portunity to get a taste of Manitoba’s vibrant arts and culture scene without paying a penny. Culture Days Manitoba encourages any and all

arts organization to participate in the weekend of culture. Past and present activity organizers include well-known organizations like the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Winnipeg Art Gallery as well as independent art gal- leries including Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery, Aceartinc, Gurevich Fine Art and Mentoring Artists for Women's Art to name just a few. Tere are also lots of new organizations involved in this year’s Culture Days Manitoba, including the

Bike Lab at the University of Winnipeg, the Chai Folk Ensemble, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and a number of independent performers and perfor- mance groups. Another not-to-miss part of the Culture Days cel-

ebration is Nuit Blanche Winnipeg, the all-night art party that will take place on Saturday, Sept. 26. Tis is your chance to stay up past your bedtime and explore central Winnipeg as outdoor installations, street per- formers, and after-hour warehouse parties takeover the downtown, Exchange District and St. Boniface. For a complete list of Culture Days Manitoba and Nuit

Blanche Winnipeg events and to create your personal- ized activity schedule, visit

September 2015

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