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14 Space to dwell

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T hree for the money Hot job markets to watch in Manitoba this month 1 Grocery Stores

In an ever-changing economy, with demand varying at different times for

different things, one thing will always be in constant demand: food. Unless human beings can suddenly figure out a way to go without sustenance, grocery stores will need employees and chains such as Loblaw’s and Sobey’s are currently hiring for fall as summer help returns to school. Stores are always at their busiest around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and will want to do their hiring ahead of time. 2 Shoppers Drug Mart

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Shoppers Drug Mart at 3 in the morning, you

probably don’t actually need it. Some locations are open 24 hours a day, but not all and there are a number of positions available, including beauty boutique expert, photo lab technician and post office clerk. There are also some jobs in the pharmacy, including pharmacist and pharmacy assistant.

3 Tutors

Learning occurs at different rates at all levels, from young children to adults. Sometimes a little extra guidance is required before the lightbulb comes on. An alterna- tive explanation or method of teaching can make all the difference, and tutors can

provide an individualized approach that may not otherwise be available to struggling learners. With the school year starting up, parents will be looking to get their child’s grades on track quickly.

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