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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the charities you support, and more importantly what happens to the money you donate? Well we are about to fi nd out! Hopefully after reading more about the charities it may inspire you to give some time, think of them the next time you clear out your wardrobe or have a new look in the house, or maybe make a dontation. Every little helps.

The Dog You Need – Peter Singh

If you have ever read one of Peter’s articles, you will know that he writes with so much passion, but when you actually meet him, it is more than passion, dogs are his life, everything he does revolves around them. Peter, a trained dog behaviourist, started the charity 2 years ago. Peter runs the charity from his own home with help from his wife Jean, which means they share their house with 15 dogs and 12 cats!! Chaos you are probably thinking, but their house is run and adapted for the animals and is far from chaotic (except when someone comes to the front door!). A large area of the courtyard has been transformed to accommodate medical cabinets, which are full with various medications, bandages etc all neatly stored in order, while another part is the feeding area with all the bowls cleaned and lined up ready for the next feed, along with all the different types of food that are needed, as some of the animals are on special diets which can work out very expensive. It costs 750€ - 1000€ a month to look after them all, a lot of money goes on vets bills because of some of the appalling injuries that some of the animals have had infl icted on them. I say infl icted, because the injuries that some of them have, were caused by human beings doing the most horrendous things to them. Lima is a small lovable dog who had his two front legs broken by someone, a puppy German Shepherd who is deaf and blind was discarded because of his disabilities and the worst case of all is Phoenix. By looking at him you can tell he would have been a wonderful dog, but unfortunately he had been chained in a small area for years and has lost the use of his legs and if that wasn’t bad enough, someone then hit him on the head with a shovel and buried him alive. Peter rescued Phoenix, and he will now spend the rest of his life with him in his home. Peter and Jean do physio on Phoenix everyday, and his front legs are now getting stronger, the back legs have a long way to go yet. He can’t stand on his own, but if Peter holds him up he can put his front legs on the ground now. He spends his days lying on a mattress that was kindly donated by a wellwisher, being fed, watered and cleaned around the clock. Peter’s three legged cat, who was rescued after he had been run over, has befriended him and lays on top of Phoenix and snuggles up to him to sleep. Peter always writes about his German Shepherd Billy and now I know why. Billy is a giant of a dog, very cuddly, affectionate, calm and talkative! When Peter talks to him he talks back, when the other dogs get excited and run around he talks and calms them down, he’s an amazing dog. All the dogs are walked in the peace of the countryside in touching distance of the mountains, in a large area of land that Peter bought as a calm environment to exercise the dogs. It’s a place where they can run around and go mad or just relax. Every penny that is donated goes directly to helping the dogs and cats, non food items that are donated, are sold to raise funds. Peter is overwhelmed by the support he gets, he receives over 300 emails per week, but money and help is always needed for Peter to continue his wonderful work. Peter and Jean made me feel really welcome in their home, and maybe it was because we both came from South London, but we got on really well and when I left I felt like I had made really good friends.

Pets in Spain.

Jimmy is a 3 yr old Chihuahua cross. He has been to the vets and is negative for all Mediterranean diseases. Jimmy is good with other dogs and cats and will make a wonderful companion. Call: 645 469 253. More animals for adoption on To advertise an animal for adoption email:

Last Hope Dog Rescue

Fudge is 7 months old, castrated, fully vaccinated and has his own passport. Fudge is looking for his forever home with a sofa to lie on. He loves attention but is nervous until he get to know you. If you are interested please contact us either by email: or mobile 634 065 540.

If anyone would like to donate anything to help Peter in anyway, please contact him on 966 847 827 or email him you can also look at his web page or on facebook.

Do you run a chartiy - would you like to let people know more about it. We are happy to run free of charge any forthcoming events and even publish a feature on your charity. Contact details are on page 4.

ASOKA San Bartolomé

My name’s Agatha. I’m a lovely, relaxed, three year old German Shepherd mix. I walk well on the lead and am good with other dogs. I’m vaccinated, debugged and castrated. Call volunteer Laura on 633 923 530 and she´ll answer any questions you have. See my profi le cha/1892/.

Calling all animal charities - let us know about your forthcoming events and animals for adoption. See page 4 for contact details.

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