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Guidelines for

Submitting Articles Writing for the Michigan Music Educator

The following guidelines should be of help to both prospective and established authors: 1. The Editor encourages the submission of manuscripts on all phases of music education at every instructional level. Please note the contributor’s deadlines listed below (step 12).

2. Manuscripts should be concise, to-the-point, and well-structured. An average length for a feature article is from 3 to 4 double spaced, typewritten pages, or around 2,500 words. An average length for a column article is from 1 to 2 double spaced, typewritten pages, or around 1,200 words.

3. Avoid generalities and complex constructions. The article will generally be more interesting, have more impact, and be more persuasive if you try to write in a straightforward & clear manner.

4. You may use any writing style as long as it is appropriate to the type of article you are submitting. Be sure to use the correct form in the References section. If you have questions pertaining to style, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor.

5. Michigan Music Educator is always pleased to receive photographs with a manuscript especially when those photographs enhance the information in the text. Digital photos are preferred in pdf, jpg or tiff formats. Please insure all subjects in photographs have provided permission to be included in a publication. Please contact the Editor for a sample media release form.

6. Music examples, diagrams, and footnotes should appear on separate pages at the end the manuscript.

7. Include biographical information on each author with the submitted manuscript.

8. Manuscripts should be submitted via email attachment, saved in a MS Word for Windows or Mac format. If this is not possible, please contact the Editor for alternatives.

9. In accordance with the “Code of Ethics,” submitting a manuscript indicates that it has not been published previously and is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere, either in its entirety or in part. Distribution on the Internet may be considered prior publication and may compromise the originality of the paper as a submission to the MME. Authors should describe in what form and how a manuscript has been previously disseminated. Authors are expected to comply with APA ethical standards and institutional and federal regulations in the treatment of human subjects (

10. The Michigan Music Educator assumes copyright of all published articles.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to: Cory Micheel-Mays, Executive Director,

Contributor’s deadlines: Spring Issue: Fall Issue:

Winter Issue:

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September 15

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