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that some charter schools and virtual schools would receive more funding increases than traditional districts like Royal Oak. He mentioned a for-profit charter school opening up in a strip mall storefront down the street that would receive a higher per-pupil increase than his school district, and tied the issue to the summit by discussing how districts like his invest in arts education while many charter schools do not.

Several other issues came up frequently among invited pan- elists and the audience members. PMEPD founding member Ken Moore was one of several attendees who raised the is- sue of whether the value of arts education lies in its inher- ent benefits or its instrumental benefits—that is, its ability to teach life skills or to help with mathematics and reading achievement. Moore expressed his feeling that the arts may improve other outcomes but should always be advocated for on the basis of their inherent value. In contrast, several of the invited guests spoke passionately on the extra-musical ben- efits of music education. State Board Representative Ellen Weiser, a classically trained pianist, talked about how music can help students to understand fractions. State Board Presi- dent Austin and Representative Zemke both talked about the economic power of the arts. Both spoke about how the de- sign engineers at Chrysler had used their artistic ability to create vehicles that brought jobs and money to the state. An audience member brought up a Detroit Symphony Orchestra

concert—scheduled for the evening of the summit—that had sold out in less than 20 minutes, citing it as an example of the arts’ economic value.

Closing Remarks and Next Steps for the PMEPD PMEPD President Rick Catherman offered closing remarks at the end of the summit, and praised the audience for giving up their Saturday to attend the event. He especially lauded the young teachers and few pre-service teachers who at- tended, suggesting their presence especially gave him hope. Catherman suggested that though the summit was only a first step in bringing together those concerned with music educa- tion policy, he was encouraged by the opportunity to petition directly the lawmakers and board members. Next steps for the group, Catherman noted, included monitoring the teach- er evaluation legislation and putting together a presentation on the elementary music mandate, to be delivered at a Fall 2014 meeting of the State Board of Education. To learn more about the PMEPD’s policy proposals and the policy summit, please visit the group’s website at

Ryan Shaw is currently a Ph.D. candidate in music edu- cation at Michigan State University. Before work at MSU, Ryan taught 6th-12th grade band in Berkley, Michigan and Cedar Springs, Michigan for 6 years.

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