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We’re living well ... Exactly! Throughout the course of

its existence, LivingWellmag- azine hasbeena resilient, albeit evolving, publication. Thecase certainly canbe

madethat it oncewasamaga- zine with a focusonwomen. Noproblemwith that, just stating the obvious. Therewasa periodwhen

the magazinemorphedmore toward health careandactive, healthy choices for readers. I personally love that concept, but inmeasuredform. Themagazine has at times

flavoredanoutdoors appeal, andat othersbeenTwin Lakes Area-centric, then shot off the mapto a regional feel. Today, I’m tellingyouex-

actlywhatLivingWellmaga- zine is,andisn’t—or at least myvision,whichplays out perfectly in this issue. LivingWell isn’t just for

women,thoughanyviable mediaresearch will indicate this type of publication cer- tainly appealsmoreto females than males. It also isn’t a platform for areamed- ical providers or organiza- tions,andits pages are ded- icated not only to Baxterand Marioncounties. Doweacknowledge all of

those aspects? Absolutely. Everyissue begins in our backyardandthen expands. So, to the point,whatis

LivingWell in the eyes of the editor? Exactly.Huh? Thevision iswhywe’re

living well in this picturesque, sometimesunusualandal- wayscaptivating part of the countryknownas the Ozarks. It’swhyIcamehere to

workatTheBaxter Bulletin, andIwantto learnmoreabout mynewhome.

Bob Heist Sothink aboutwhatI’ve

saidandlook at this issue. Want togoonadaytrip?

Headto Big Flatandcheck out the coolestnanobrewerythis side of the Mississippi. Looking for aweekend

getaway?Youhaveto visit RockbridgeRainbowTrout andGameRanchin Missouri. Howabout the outdoors?

MeettheWHOYakers, a group ofwomenbetweenthe ages of 53and83 that explore the region’s waters in kayaks. Fascinatedbyhistory?

MeetAbandonedArkansas, a group of college students uncovering pieces of the state’s past through aban- donedproperties. This is LivingWellmaga-

zine. Things to do, places to see, people tomeet...andwhy we’re living so darn well in the Ozarks.

Living Well i June/July 2014 5

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