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in the changes to ensure alignment and, ultimately, success. With the agreement in place we began to lay the foundations. We revisited the full recruitment cycle and identifi ed areas that could be “improved” or “removed”, aligned any areas that previously had worked differently and, if it didn’t add value we took it out. This allowed us to introduce a core process, ultimately making us much more effective and gave us the capacity to concentrate on engagement and attraction.

Attraction was a big piece of work for us as we had to start from scratch. We did a “University Tour” based on the locations, course and past successes and I found that students were really shocked at the opportunities we could offer. We set about undertaking as much activity as we could handle but I was still conscious not to go all out and waste time: high impact, low resource. We concentrated on the fairs and skills session and the normally activities but the big win for us was the graduate activities.

Graduates want to hear from grads, so we got a

group of our current graduates together and ran a small competition - the best campus activity idea won and they got to roll it out across the universities. The winner was a ‘mobile market street’ in line with our brand and fresh food offering. The graduates organised the dates and times at the universities, went out to the manufacturing sites and sourced fresh food to give out, and off they went. The results were staggering. They had queues of people and returned with no produce and lists of names for us to contact. It is an approach we will take year on year now.

Another major change for us was introducing video interviewing with Sonru. This fundamentally changed how we work. No longer were we bound to our desks completing telephone screens. It allowed us to be out on campus, running assessments and using our time to engage candidates and our stakeholders while the screens were completed in the background. Graduates have been really engaged in this and any initial concerns about completion levels were laid to rest as we have had a steady 87% completion.

Year two

In year one we really built the base for the work that we are doing now in year two, and we have made signifi cant steps that I would not have thought possible this time last year. This year we have put some science behind what we do by understanding, “what a great graduate looks like at Morrisons.” We have just completed a profi ling exercise with key people across the graduate, line manager and senior stakeholder population and have been able to align the fi ndings to our core values. The next stage is to implement a strengths-based approach to our selection process, supported by CAPP, and perform a complete redesign of our sifting, interviewing and assessment methodology for 2013/14.

We do more than you think.

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We are a team of three so time is precious and budget is tight, so we have to make each second and penny count. Everything we could do internally we did, and each aspect was well researched and thought out, with new supplier relationships trialled and a solid network built and utilised – starting with the AGR. Being creative with what we spend and how we spend it is not only a necessity but an exciting challenge. It’s amazing what and who you can fi nd when you really invest time in fi nding them. I followed up on so many chance meetings and conversations, some led to nothing but a handful have supported us and been enablers in making the changes. There are so many good suppliers out there, but getting the right one to suit your business is crucial – and don’t overlook the smaller organisations. I attribute a lot of what we achieve to having such excellent supplier relationships − true partnerships based on trust, honesty and a deep understanding of our business. They provide an extension of the team in many ways. You don’t need big budgets and teams to achieve great things and I think what we have done over the past 18 months is proof of this. Be open to trying new things, ways of working and shop around – it is rare the fi rst offer is the best. By engaging with the right people, getting buy-in from the business, understanding your target audience and then having the drive, determination and creativity to deliver it you can make a real difference. This time two years ago we didn’t have a graduate presence. Now we have made it in to The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

Top Ten Tips for Building an Employer Brand

1 Engage, engage, and engage. If people don’t know what you are doing they can’t help.

2 Don’t settle until you have exactly what you want.

3 Get the basics right and the rest will take care of itself.

4 BE BRAVE − try new things. 5 Involve your graduates − they tell the story best. 6 Extend your team with great suppliers. 7 It’s what you do, not how much you spend. 8 Shop around, don’t take the fi rst offer.

9 Be creative − the best things are not always the most costly.

10 Always follow up on conversations; you never know where it might lead.


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