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Page 10. MAINE COASTAL NEWS September 2013 From the Director –

Commercial Fishing News 31.

How is the season going for you? Mike and I are able to pay more attention to the season around us, how the catch is doing, ask how many are picking up shell disease and check on the prices in the area. You see, we are not in the water this season. It was time to take care of a few health issues. I am so glad that this decision was made because we found out that if you are allergic to titanium, it can raise the devil with your immune system. Mike had his titanium plate removed from his arm and is now healing quite nicely. He has been very busy with boat work and helping to keep the rest of the guys going. We always called him “Mike Hammer” at the boat shop! We have attended the Commissioner’s meetings, the whale meetings and the hearing meeting in Ellsworth. We had very good representation of our membership at these meetings. Testimony was made in Ellsworth about our concerns with the new rules that will be part of the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan. There are a couple of proposed closed areas which take in Jeffrey’s Ledge – October 1 – January 31 and Jordan Basin – November 1 – January

D.E.L.A. - FROM THE DIRECTOR The concerns with the proposed areas

take in safety, the time of the year that the lobsters are most abundant and could also create fi nancial hardship.

suggestions about how your comments can make a difference:

These are the Comments on

inaccuracies or discrepancies; comments on adequacy of the analysis; comments identifying new impacts, alternatives, or mitigation measures, and disagreements with interpretations of impacts.


deadline for these comments is September 13 – 16. Please send your comments to Mary Colligan, Assistant Regional Administrator for Protected Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service, 55 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930, Attn: ALWTRP Large Whale Rule, Fax: 978 281-9394 or e-mail to: Please send your comments in and help to make a difference.

Governor LePage has declared August as Maine Lobster Month! He has sent packages of Maine lobster meat with recipes, health and nutritional facts and Maine Promotion Council information to the other 49 governors in the country. The response to this promotion has been wonderful. Just the knowledge that the lobster can be sent as pre-packaged meat is exactly what people have been asking for. Not everybody wants to deal with a live lobster for various reasons.

The re-structure of the Maine Promotion Council is taking place with notices going out to each zone council for their nominations for the new seats on the Board of Directors. The newly structured marketing law is now offi cial and is taking place as you read this report. We are moving forward as planned. This plan has been in the making now for



Moving to a new larger location October 15 - 6 Julie Lane, Eliot, Maine

well over a year and we can honestly say that these changes will be going into effect for the next season. Please remember, it will take a little time for this plan to start showing results, but we are off to a good start. There is also a “sunset” date in place if this does not work. The audit and report will be given at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum so we can all keep track of our progress with this project. The one point that I want to stress is the fact that as independent business operators, we all had a say in the fi nal results of this plan. This was the proposal that most of the fi shermen preferred at the meetings that were held last year. We still have a say in this plan as this moves forward. Please stay in touch with us if you have concerns and further comments.

If you have caught any lobsters with shell disease, please keep track of them and report them to the DMR or contact DELA. This has been brought to our attention and at this point in time, they are being researched along with climate change and water temperature studies. The meat is still good and they are not contagious. The only problem is that they cannot easily shed their shell if they are in this kind of condition, so it is best if you can bring it in.

Along with the climate change, green crabs are also a big problem this year. Once again, these changes are also part of the research that is going on right now. I know that I mentioned some of these issues in my last report, but this is on-going and a very important subject to keep track of. We have been asked to meet with the Canadians at the end of this month to discuss the same problems that both countries are dealing with: the amount of lobsters and pricing. As leaders in the industry, we are doing our best to work with our Canadian neighbors to try to fi nd common solutions to these issues. We have met with Glenn Chamberlain

of NOAA to discuss lobster pot/trap sampling. They are also working with the ground fi shery, and hope that we can all come up with better answers to some of

the problems with the science fi ndings for fi nal reports. They will be observing trawl, gillnet, longline, dredge, pair trawl and pot trap fi sheries. When we didn’t go along with the dragger bills, it didn’t mean that we aren’t willing to try to help. We lead by example.

As far as the summer goes, the Belfast Harborfest was a great success. There were a lot of people from places like Michigan that were just “asking for Maine lobster” to be more accessible in their state. They tell me that they eat as much as they can while they’re here because they can’t get it where they live. “Food for thought.” We will be at the Camden Windjammer Festival once again by invitation of the windjammer fl eet. The visitors love to ask us all about lobstering. We answer all of their questions and try to set a “traditional example” of our industry.

This will be

Saturday, August 31 – Labor Day Weekend. The next meeting for DELA will be our Annual Meeting, which will be Thursday, September 12th

– 6:00 pm at Jasper’s in

Ellsworth. Please come along and bring a friend. We have invited Commissioner, Pat Keliher and Representative Walter Kumeiga to attend as our guests.

This is a good

opportunity to meet them if you haven’t already. you.

Bring your questions along with

I would like to express our deepest sympathy for the passing of two members of DELA this past month. Leamon Chipman, father and grandfather of John Chipman Sr. & Jr. of Birch Harbor;

Also, Kenny

Dennison of Cutler, who has been on our Board of Directors for many years. Their legacy is what our association was founded on – they maintained the conservation of our fi shery and passed their knowledge on to the next generation. These men certainly led by example and my concerns are with the future --- we need to continue their legacies to the best of our ability; “Rest in peace dear friends.”

See you around, Sheila

Hamilton's Opens New Commercial Store/Warehouse

Specializing in Tuna Towers, Hard Tops, T-Tops, and Arches Winter Storage Available!


Hamilton Marine of Searsport, has opened a new warehouse/store to service commercial fi shermen and boatbuilders who often purchase bulk items in large quantities. The 16,000 square feet facility is heavily stocked with buoys, rope, netting, trap supplies, totes and structural composites used by fi shermen and builders. “It’s set up as a warehouse with pallet racks full of product from fl oor to ceiling,” says owner Wayne Hamilton, “but it’s also a Home-Depot style commercial store where customers can grab a fl at-bed cart and have at it. We’re very pleased with the great response we’ve seen so far.”

The new building is located on a lower level just behind the Searsport store. It has its own parking lot and an overhead door where customers can have their purchases loaded

into their trucks. The warehouse side of the operation has six truck bays to facilitate supplying Hamilton’s other four stores and its extensive distribution business. When asked if he had reservations about expanding in a down economy, Hamilton said, “Of course, but it’s not the fi rst risk we’ve taken in 37 years of business. I started with fi shermen and got into supplies for all sorts of boats, pleasure and commercial. Now we have even more of the supplies Maine fi shermen require in order to fi sh and to keep their boats fi t and safe. You might say we’re a one stop ship shop.” In addition to it’s Searsport location, Hamilton Marine has stores in Portland, Rockland, Southwest Harbor, Jonesport and online at

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