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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 26 Issue 9 September 2013


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Maine Coastal News FREE Maine Lobster Boat Racing Season Comes to End

Nick Wiberg's MISS KATIE facing off against Ed Shirley's MISS KARLEE at Winter Harbor.


The Saturday weather forecast said that Sunday was going to be okay in the morning with the potential for afternoon showers. I got out to the sign up barge off Mitchell Field about 0830 and there was just race offi cials in sight and no one on the horizon. The fi rst boat to appear was the mega-yacht BOLERO, which stays at Strout’s Point Wharf Co. in South Freeport for the summer. She went to the starting line and made a run up the course. She then anchored off to the side of the course and readied to watch the races.

In Work Boat Class B there were

11 boats entered. Fortunately as they approached we knew the top three boats. The top boat was J-BIRD and in a real tight battle for second and third was David Noyes’ ZIPPY and Al Strout’s CLUSTA. As they neared the fi nish line ZIPPY just kept edging by CLUSTA for the second spot. Next up was the Wooden Boat Race with six boats competing. It was interesting to see Dave Dugas’ GRASSHOPPER leading the pack. Over the winter Luke and Todd Hubbard totally rebuilt Luke’s MELANIE JEAN at a family’s shop in Ogunquit. Todd owns another Willis Beal built 38, LIZZIE and seeing the two of them heading up the course was impressive.

In Gasoline Class C it was great to see BLACK DIAMOND after her shaft-log


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issue at Friendship. Randy said that he was able to make a temporary repair with a piece of wood and a jack. This allowed him to get her home and make the repairs by cutting a hole in the platform and re-fi berglassing the affected area.

In the Diesel Classes there were no entrants in Class H and K. Jed Spear’s SEA NILE was able to best the other two competitors in Diesel Class B. Second went to Jesse Mitchell’s CONFIDENCE and third was Steve Johnson’s TIKI BAR. Steve built the TIKI BAR over this past winter. He took the van off HATE ME ROSE and replaced it with a bar, a canopy and sides covered with palms. She is no speed demon and was clocked at a mere 9.7 mph. In Diesel Class D it was MELANIE JEAN facing off again with LIZZIE and it was MELANIE JEAN the victor again. In Class E Michael Gray’s VENOM had no trouble getting by Bob Dugas’ ENDURANCE. There were three entrants in Class I, which for most of the season has been dominated by Chris Smith’s MISTY. Scott Wood’s WILD ONE has beat him once this season so it was going to be a great race and we were not disappointed. It was still close as they neared the fi nish

line, but WILD ONE would get the win by a boat length with MISTY second and Chip Johnson’s THREE STARS third. In the last Diesel Class race, N it was no surprise to see Andy Johnson’s WHISTLIN’ DIXIE leading Tom Clemons’ 4 GIRLS to the fi nish. Third was Keith Jordan’s BAILEY & BELLA.

Only three boats came to the line for the Gasoline Free-for-All, which was won by STRETCHED VETTE.

There were seven boats on the line for the Diesel Free-for-All and everyone knew WHISTLIN’ DIXIE would be the one to beat. She lead the others to the fi nish line, but the real battle was for second between 4 GIRLS and WILD ONE, which was won by WILD ONE.

In the Fastest Lobster Boat it was


Following the race Henry Barnes, who has been running the Harpswell races the last couple of years, said that he would not be returning next year. I have gotten some mixed messages as to whether someone else will run the Harpswell races. One rumour that has been circulating around is that

Due to the length of our lobster boat race coverage, this is a very con- densed version with just a small number of the photographs. For the most comprehensive coverage go to: and click on lobster boat racing and then the newsletters for 2013.

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they want to move back to Pott’s Harbor, off Dolphin Marina. However they do not have to make any decision until the Awards banquet in October. Now get ready for Winter Harbor where there should be an excellent turn out as they are giving away another pick-up truck with low mileage.


On Saturday 10 August we woke to beautiful blue skies, calm winds and a nice comfortable temperature. Sign-ups were steady and in the end we had 75 boats entered.

There were a number of new entrants and they were all in the Diesel Classes. In Class A, MAVERICK [West 28, 210-hp Cummins] owned by Duncan Haass of Lamoine and THERESA ANN [Repco 30, 210-hp Cummins] owned by John Chipman Jr. of Birch Harbor. In Class B there were two: GERRY ANN [Osmond 34, 210- hp Cummins] owned by John Chipman of Birch Harbor and MYRTLE BELLE [Libby 34, 200-hp John Deere] owned by Chad Libby of Beals Island. In Class C there was RARE BIRD [BHM 31, 320-hp Caterpillar] owned by John Renwick of Birch Harbor. In Class D there were two new boats: PERSEVERANCE [Repco 37,

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