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into Draft Addendum XXII for public com- ment. Addendum XXI implements changes to the transferability program for LCMAs 2 (Southern New England) and 3 (offshore waters). These changes are designed to al-

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low for fl exibility in the movement of traps as the consolidation program for LCMAs 2 and 3 is implemented to address latent effort (unfi shed traps) in the fi shery. The measures are also intended to provide a mechanism for industry to maintain a profi table fi shery as trap reductions occur. Through Draft Adden- dum XXII, the Board will further explore the issue of single and aggregate ownership caps in LCMA 3 as well as clarify resulting trap limits after trap reductions are implemented. Under Addendum XXI, LCMA 2 and 3

fi shermen purchasing traps with multi-area trap history may fi sh those traps in any area the traps have history. Previous regulations required recipients of partial trap transfers to choose a single LCMA the transferred traps are authorized to fi sh in. This new measure aligns the rules for the sale of partial traps with those for full business sales of multi-area history traps. For LCMA 2 only, the Board approved a single and aggregate ownership cap of 1,600 traps (800 active and 800 banked). The ownership cap allows for the purchase and accumulation of traps over and above the current LCMA 2 trap cap of 800 active traps. The single ownership cap sunsets two years after the last trap reduction occurs under Addendum XVIII. For LCMA 3 only, the Board approved an active trap cap of 2,000 traps, which will be reduced over fi ve years to 1,548 traps (5% per year). The management measures contained in Adden- dum XXI will be implemented by November 1, 2013.



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Addendum XXI and Draft Addendum XXII will be available on the Commission website ( under Breaking News or by contacting the Commission at 703.842.0740. States may be conducting public hearings on Draft Addendum XXII; the Commission will announce the hearing details once they are fi nalized. For more information, please contact Kate Taylor, Senior FMP Coordinator, at ktaylor@asmfc. org or 703.842.0740.

ATLANTIC MENHADEN MANAGE- MENT BOARD (AUGUST 6, 2013) Meeting Summary The Atlantic Menhaden Management Board met to revise the terms of reference for the upcoming benchmark stock assessment, and review progress on the assessment, the Technical Committee’s report of a proposed aerial survey design, and the 2013 Fishery Management Plan Review and state com- pliance. The revised terms of reference included a clarifi cation for the peer review panel to address where the stock is relative to the management targets and thresholds. The Technical Committee continues to make progress on the benchmark stock assessment and recently identifi ed forty potential fi sh- ery-independent data sets for inclusion in the

assessment model. The relative abundance indices include both regional and state sur- veys with most targeting juveniles and some targeting adults. A proposed aerial survey design by Dr. James Sulikowski and his colleagues at the University of New England was previously reviewed by the Technical Committee for its merit as a tool in surveying menhaden abun- dance. The Technical Committee reported that the proposed aerial survey design is unlikely to produce biomass estimates with a high degree of confi dence or to provide data that will be applicable to the 2014 stock assessment. The Technical Committee also concluded that adequate statistical justifi ca- tion for the proposed survey methodology was not presented in the proposal. The Board agreed with the Technical Committee’s recommendation that the authors conduct further simulation and power analysis work. The Board was presented the 2013 Fish- ery Management Plan Review of the 2012 fi shery. Total coastwide landings of Atlantic menhaden in 2012 were 224,200 metric tons; a 2% decrease from 2011 landings. Generally, bait landings have continued to increase recently while landings for reduc- tion purposes have remained constant. At its May 2013 meeting, the Board approved de minimis status for New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida as part of their Amendment 2 implementation plans. The Plan Review Team plans to work with states in early 2014 to assist them in compil- ing compliance reports for the Amendment 2 adopted for the 2013 fi shery.

For more information, please contact

Mike Waine, FMP Coordinator at mwaine@ or 703.842.0740.

SUMMER FLOUNDER, SCUP, AND BLACK SEA BASS MANAGEMENT BOARD The Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Management Board met to review a progress report from the Technical Committee (TC). The Summer Flounder Recreational Working Group tasked the TC Committee with examining methods to achieve more equity in the recreational harvest opportunities along the coast. The TC presented to the Board a progress report on the analysis of current retention rates in the summer fl ounder recreational fi sheries of each state. The TC noted the caveats in using the currently available data analysis to make decisions regarding management, with the next steps of the analysis to in- corporate management metrics for Board consideration. The Board tasked the TC with continuing its analysis. The Working Group will also continue to meet to review the TC’s progress and develop additional potential solutions for the Board to review in October.

For more information, please contact Kirby Rootes-Murdy, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, at krootes-murdy@asm- or 703.842.0740.


ASMFC Spiny Dogfi sh & Coastal Sharks Board

Approves Coastal Sharks Draft Adden- dum III for Public Comment The Commission’s Spiny Dogfi sh and Coastal Sharks Management Board ap- proved Draft Addendum III to the Atlantic Coastal Sharks Fishery Management Plan for public comment. The Draft Addendum proposes changes to the coastal shark spe- cies groupings for hammerhead and blac- knose sharks and the establishment of a new commercial quota and recreational size limit for hammerhead sharks. Draft Addendum III was initiated to ensure consistency between the state and federal coastal shark plans. The federal Highly Migratory Species Fishery Manage- ment Plan was amended to address recent fi ndings that scalloped hammerhead, blac- knose, and sandbar sharks are overfi shed and/or experiencing overfi shing. Specifi - cally, Amendment 5a changed the coastal shark species groupings for hammerhead and blacknose sharks and established a new commercial quota and recreational size limit for hammerhead sharks. Draft Addendum III proposes to remove all hammerheads (i.e., great, scal- loped, and smooth) from the “Non-Sandbar Large Coastal Sharks” group and move them under the “Hammerheads” group due to the diffi cultly in differentiating between vari- ous hammerhead species particularly when dressed. The Draft Addendum also proposes removing blacknose sharks from the “Small Coastal Sharks” group and placing them under the “Blacknose Shark” group. Fine- tooth, bonnethead and Atlantic sharpnose would remain in the “Non-Blacknose Small Coastal Sharks” species group. Further, the Draft Addendum considers a new recreational size limit of 78 inches fork length (FL) for all hammerhead sharks based on research which found female scal- loped hammerhead sharks reach maturity at 78 inches. The proposed measure is intended to limit the retention of immature female hammerheads.

It is anticipated that several states will be conducting public hearings on the Draft Addendum; information on those hear- ings will be released when it is fi nalized. Fishermen and other interested groups are encouraged to provide input on the Draft Addendum either by attending state public hearings or providing written comment. The Draft Addendum is available on the Com- mission website ( under Breaking News. Public comment will be accepted until 5:00 PM (EST) on September 25, 2013 and should be forwarded to Marin Hawk, Fishery Management Plan Coordi- nator, at 1050 N. Highland St., Suite 200 A-N, Arlington, VA 22201; 703.842.0741 (FAX) or (Subject line: Coastal Sharks Draft Addendum III).

NOAA seeks comments on Atlantic bluefi n tuna management proposals Draft Amendment 7 aims to reduce bycatch discards

NOAA Fisheries is seeking public comment on a proposed rule and its associ- ated draft environmental impact statement, which aims to reduce discards of Atlantic bluefi n tuna, and outlines measures to help ensure compliance with international quo- tas.

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