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September 2013 MAINE COASTAL NEWS Page 5. Maine Lobster Boat Racing Season Comes to End

showed up today to compete in Class J. He easily won with MR. MALCOLM & THE GIRLS, second. The only entrant in Diesel Class K was Andy Gove’s UNCLE’S UFO. In Class M there were 16 boats entered so the fi eld was split and the top three in each heat would race in the fi nals. In Heat I, there was no surprise when Patrick Faulkingham’s GRAMP’S BIRD won. Next over the line was James Thurlow’s FAMILY TRADITION followed by Billy Bob Faulkingham’s 51. In Heat II we were not surprised to see Dixon Smith’s SIZE MATTERS with Larry Torrey’s BRENDA LEE second and Dana Rice’s TYLER M. third. In the fi nals the advantage was defi nitely GRAMP’S BIRD, who went on to win by two boat lengths. SIZE MATTERS was second and FAMILY TRADITION took third. Class N, the winner was Wayne Gray’s OCEAN BOUNTY followed by Mathew Merchant’s CHIX DIG IT and Jeff Strout’s NEVER ENOUGH.

The Gasoline Free-for-All was going to be interesting. Would FOOLISH PLEASURE be able to run fast enough to keep LITTLE GIRLS behind her? As the racers came up the course it was close at half way and then just before the fi nish FOOLISH PLEASURE, who was in the lead, had her engine die, but Galen was able to get it going quickly, but not in time to prevent LITTLE GIRLS from getting by for the win.

In the Diesel Free-for-All it was no surprise to see UNCLE’S UFO take the win with JANICE ELAINE second and SIZE MATTERS third. In the Wooden Boat Race it was LITTLE GIRLS showing the way with WIDE OPEN second and DOWNEASTER third.

In the Lady Skipper’s Race it was all JANICE ELAINE.

Now came the big race of the day, Fastest Lobster Boat. The gasoline boats would be fast off the line, but would UNCLE’S UFO have enough to get by before the fi nish? As the boats came up the course, blasting through the waves, it was a tight race between FOOLISH PLEASURE and LITTLE GIRLS. Just behind them was UNCLE’S UFO and she was gaining. The win went to FOOLISH PLEASURE, followed by LITTLE GIRLS and UNCLE’S UFO.

After the awards were handed out it, it was time to see who won the pick-up truck and the winner was Cameron Crawford of Ellsworth, who raced RICH AMBITION in Diesel Class B. MERRITT BRACKETT LOBSTER BOAT RACE, PEMAQUID The following day was another great time to be on the water, bright sunshine, temperature in the 70s and a nice cool

breeze. When sign up was complete we had 57 boats entered.

As usual there were some new entrants. There were six in the skiff classes and one in the Diesel Class. The one in the Diesel Class was ELLA V. [Repco 30, 210-hp Cummins] owned by Jamien Hallowell of Pemaquid. The Merritt Brackett race use different categories for their races. The fi rst three races of the day are for work boats under 24 feet in length. In race 1, Clamdigger and Lobster Pickers: Outboards 25 hp and under; Skiffs 16-feet and under; and age 18 and under, was won by Savannah Carter with Caleb Young’s LITTLE ABBIE second. In race 2, Clamdigger and Lobster Pickers: Outboards up to 70 hp; Skiffs over 16-feet, it was a great battle as Eben Wilson’s WORKING GIRL and Al Strout’s CLUSTA headed up the course, but CLUSTA just did not have enough and took second. Third went to Roger Feltis’ QUICK PENETRATION. There were two competitors, D & L

Boatwork’s CRY BABY and Bruce Farrin, Jr.’s SUMNAH in the fi rst of two races for the gasoline powered boats. These two boats have faced off several times here and CRY BABY is always the top boat and today was no different. Three boats came to the line for the other Gasoline Class, V-8 any cu. in. and under, 24-feet and over. With near perfect conditions FOOLISH PLEASURE was the one to beat, and she easily outpaced LORNA R., which was second followed by Ronald Poland’s TIMBER CRUISER.

There are just eight Diesel Classes at Pemaquid. In the fi rst, Diesel 175 hp and under, 24-feet and over, there were three boats entered. Boatbuilder Peter Kass’ JOANNA A. slipped into the lead and won by three boat lengths. The next race was Diesel 176 hp to 210 hp, 24-feet and over. From Long Island, Steve Johnson showed up with LYNN MARIE and was just able to get by Spider’s HELLBLAZZER. In race 8, Diesel 211 hp to 250 hp, 24-feet and over, the winner was David Grant’s EASY MONEY followed by Don Drisko’s MERGANSER. Next up was Diesel 251 hp to 350 hp, 24 and over and the winner was Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE. Second went to Raymond Carter’s WHO’S BUYN. The winner of Diesel 351 hp to 450 hp, 28 to 35 feet 11 inch and under was Nick Wiberg’s MISS KATIE. Next over the line was Dexter Benner’s FUGITIVE. In race 11, Diesel, 351 to 450 hp, 36 feet and up, Travis Otis continued his winning ways as FIRST TEAM crossed the line fi rst. Next came Spencer Dyer’s THE CHAIN and third was Ethan Fink’s TAYLOR C. In the next race, Diesel 451 hp to 650 hp, 28 feet and over, it was all Chris Smith’s MISTY. Next over was Chip Johnson’s THREE STARS and third went to Andrew Taylor’s BLUE EYED GIRL. In the fi nal Diesel Class race of the day, Diesel, 651 hp and over, 28 feet

Two Willis Beal 38s, MELANIE JEAN and LIZZIE, racing at Harpswell.

and over, it was no surprise to see Andy Johnson’s WHISTLIN’ DIXIE just bested Gary Genthner’s LISA MARIE with Tom Clemons’ 4 GIRLS third. What was not fun to watch was this young woman come out of the harbor in a small aluminum boat and run out onto the course. One could tell that she had no clue that there was a race coming at her as she weaved back and forth before fi nally going to one side. Barreling down on her was WHISTLIN’ DIXIE at nearly 45 mph and was only 30 yards from creating headline news when she pulled off the course. Earlier in the races we had a sailboat wander out and we had to yell to get them off the course. This women yelled that she had been sailing for 30 years, but apparently still had yet to learn the rule of tonnage: he who weighs the most wins. Do they think we set these courses up just so they can run down

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the middle for us to watch them? If you want to see some water moved just watch a Novi Boat Race and today one of the best was entered. BLACK PEARL pushed most of the bay off to one side or the other and then dragged the rest with her for the win. Second went to Dana Russell’s KNOT AGAIN.

The winner of the Woodenboat Race was MERGANSER, followed by TIMBER CRUISER and Norman Carter’s MEMA. In the Gasoline Free-for-All there was no contest as we watched FOOLISH PLEASURE easily take the win. The real battle was for second and third between CRY BABY and LORNA R. and it was CRY BABY by a boat length. In the Diesel Free-for-All it was all

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