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The Gen he Mulberry is a great example of what their umbrella brand, Drink Eat Stay Play is so astoundingly good at; Te Mulberry, Te Langtry, Bam Bam, Beluga, Farmer Browns, Karma Kafe and a


few more again are all related but fiercely, demonstrably different in their own character. It’s like a mother having triplets and explaining that each one behaves so differently from the rest. To me, Te Mulberry, geographically dissecting the busy Unthank Rd parade, is the calm, older auntie of the family; the relaxed and beautifully, but effortlessly turned out member of the bunch.

Atmosphere I love the hubbub of Unthank on a Sunday; it’s a self-sufficient neighbourhood, a welcoming haven outside of the city, and the casual passers-by and steady flow in to Te Mulberry of all types of customer – the Sunday best, the late risers, the greeting families – are the perfect guests in this shabby chic (in the least ‘buzzword’ sense) refuge.

To Start Confit Duck Salad with Runner Bean Chards & Chorizo Vinaigrette / Smoked Salmon with Horseradish Cream & Crisp Apple Salad When you have a sneaking suspicion that an incarnation of Sunday lunch is soon to be decided upon, for starters, you must go light. Even me, who has the appetite of a gastric band that’s been given its P45, conforms to this rule and appreciated the subtlety of these two – in effect – salads. Te duck’s fattiness was offset by earthy chard and in the case of the salmon dish, the apple sliced like a fruity rapier through the salty cured fish. Tere were a couple of members late for roll-call though; on both dishes, the chorizo and horseradish elements were subtle to the point of


being late for the wedding. I know they’re strong flavours, but as my bulging waistline and cavernous space-for-rent mouth would attest, I’m a big girl, so sock it to me.

The Main Event Sunday Beef with all the Trimmings /

Belly of Pork, Mustard Mash and Seasonal Veg I’m pre-programmed for a couple of things; one, if any food item appears in the discount section, despite my predilection or otherwise for it, I will buy it; and two, if belly pork’s on the menu, I’m ordering it. I can happily say that despite maybe arguing that the pork could have been another inch thick, it conformed to a trinity you can’t go wrong with – pork, mash and veg, all cloaked with a thick jus. Te beef being put on the table was like going on a date and your companion informing you of their lack of underwear. Te beef was cut so thick and piled high – you knew what you were gonna get, and it was gonna be divine. Te trimmings in question were a real mixed bag, however. Te braised red cabbage, all fruity and full of cinnamon was so fragrant I could have siphoned off the remaining liquid on my plate and marketed it for the Body Shop counter. A barrier of thick gravy would have stemmed the tide of eau de


Te Big Eat Out is proud to endorse Courtesy Taxis as the safe option for enjoying a couple of drinks and getting back home with ease. If you’re travelling within the ring road, book a taxi between 6pm and midnight, quoting ‘Ready to Go’and get a fixed fare of £4.50 for a car, £7 for a mini bus, seven days a week!

cabbage, but that was lacking.

Pud Jaffa Smash Cheesecake with Chocolate Ice Cream Tis cheesecake was like an interactive installation piece; flecked with chocolate shavings and thickly sliced, it looked a treat, but then took on further life as you punctured molecules of something citric and oozing. It could have done with more of these pockets of pleasure.

Value Te justification – in all but the pork – for the prices had to be that where the meat / fish were concerned, it concertinaed over itself in resplendent generosity, which is a welcome change from the norm. Some may find the Sunday beef option a little way off the mark when others deliver the same elsewhere for less.

Overall Lazy Sundays deserve to be whiled away in restful surroundings; if it’s not your own Casa de Comfy, then Te Mulberry is a good exchange. I felt thoroughly relaxed in its charming grasp – not rushed, not out of place, just at one with ‘Sunday’.


Courtesy Taxis 44-66-44

24hr service Norwich 01603

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