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Paying Dues Really Pays This year’sMotor Carriers ofMontana Truck Driving Championships were a huge

success. For the first time in a number of years, the event was held outside of Billings in Helena at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds and even saw an increase in participants. For those of you who did not enter drivers or did not attend, you missed an excellent chance to reward your best drivers for their hard work and an opportunity to visit with safety professionals from around the state. See page 14 for results for this year’s TDC.

As many of you know, from time to time theMCM board of directors endorses products that are beneficial toMCM members and usually offered at a discount. You will soon be hearing from theMCM office in regards to these programs and also to update your company profile. Please take the time to visit with us when we call. Hopefully we can answer any questions you have in regard to these valuable programs, and if not, we will find someone who can.

executive vice president BARRY “SPOOK”STANG

administrative assistant KATIE BOWLDS

safety diretor KEVIN ERNST

safety transportation consultant AL CALKIN

One of the major partnerships we have developed is with theMontana State Fund. This program has the opportunity to provide you with a return on your investment in two ways: A safer work environment with less time lost to injuries, and the chance to receive some of your premium dollars back when the group performs well. The 90-day window is running out to become part of this outstanding group. For more information call theMCM office and ask for Kevin.

An affiliate of the American Trucking Associations

Motor Carriers of Montana (MCM) has served as the voice for Montana’s trucking industry since 1939. MCM is a trade association dedicated to the furtherance of the trucking industry’s goals and interests in Montana and the United States. Our membership is a very diverse group comprised of trucking companies, passenger carriers, garbage haulers, construction & excavation companies, and companies providing products and services to the industry. MCM serves these companies as a governmental affairs representative before legislative, regulatory and executive branches of government on issues that affect the trucking industry. The organization also provides public relations services, operation services and serves as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations.

Phone 406-442-6600 Facsimile 406-443-4281

For more information, contact MCM at: Motor Carriers of Montana 501N. Sanders, Suite 201 Helena, MT 59601

Last but not least, by the time you receive this you should have received your dues statement for 2012-2013. Remember this is an investment in your association. Your board and staff have worked hard to develop programs that benefit the members. We have also worked hard to provide public relations for the industry; numerous citizens inMontana complain about trucks on their local roads and forget the important role you play. Every so oftenMCM has to remind them that “Without Trucks, America Stops”.MCM and other state associations have been active in letting FMCSA know and understand the problems that CSA has created and are working with them to make it a more efficient process. When that fails we are responsible for ensuring our legislators and congressional delegation are also educated on these issues. This all takes resources and as individuals is hard to accomplish, but as a group we can get things done.

Remember the world is run by those who show up, get involved today.

I speak on behalf ofMCM staff when I say we enjoy working with you to solve these problems and look forward to the next year.

Barry “Spook” Stang

Executive Vice President, Motor Carriers of Montana

ROADWISE | ISSUE 3, 2012 | 5

From the Executive VP

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