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the transportation industry in Montana,” Steve said.

And for Steve it’s never just about the

bottom line, it’s also about his beloved state. “It’s to do what’s best not just for the

transportation business but the state of Montana,” he said. Hanson said his company tries to pitch its

location to prospective employees. Located near the entrance to Glacier National Park in the northern part of the state, Columbia Falls offers scenery and plenty of activity for outdoor types. That includes Hanson and his family.

While spring is often devoted to home

repairs and “honey do” lists, Steve said he and his wife Kim still average 20,000 miles a year on their Harleys. Fall is for hunting — “every minute in the woods,” Steve said — and in the winter Hanson and Kim set out again, this time on snowmobiles. Many adventures include son Tyler,

22, and Skip, who at 76 shows no signs of slowing down. “The day that I can keep up with my Dad

is going to be a sorry day for me,” Hanson said. “He is in excellent health.” RW

push the material out the back at a controlled pace. But thanks to experience and proper

preparation, most of the across-the-border trips go smoothly, Hanson said with no one arrested or detained. “It is, it’s pretty smooth,” he said. “The

people at the border are simply doing their jobs. There are no horror stories.” Actually, thanks to its shift work, Hanson

Trucking Inc. is a good fit for many drivers who prefer to be home nightly or, in some cases, to be home during the day and to drive nights. “Some drivers actually like working swing

shifts better than days,” Hanson said noting that many prefer the days to take care of personal business, “or they’re not morning people,” he said. Still, like many transportation companies,

Hanson battling driver shortages. The company competes with the North Dakota oil fields for drivers, though some drive for the oil companies and then return to Columbia Falls, Hanson said. When not seeing to the family business,

Steve is a board member of the Motor Carriers of Montana and his brothers are also active in the association. “It keeps us involved in what’s going on in

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