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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 25 Issue 11 November 2012


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Matt Merchant's CHIX DIG IT, a Calvin Beal 44 powered with an 800-hp Caterpiller diesel, hailing from Jonesport.


Meeting Summary The Atlantic Herring Section met to review a number of issues, including fi nal approval of comprehensive spawning reg- ulations under Addendum V; a Technical Committee Report on Nantucket Shoals Spawning Area; an update on the New England Fishery Management Council Amendment 4 Court ruling; and follow-up on a ISFMP Policy Board task regarding flexibility and delayed implementation. Addendum V, which modifi ed the spawn herring size bins and sample amounts was approved at the August 2012 meeting. For consistency and clarity, all spawning regu- lations from the FMP and its Addenda have been compiled into one comprehensive document as an appendix of Addendum V, which was reviewed and fi nalized by the Section at this meeting. The Technical Committee presented a white paper that assesses the impacts to the herring stock if spawning area were to be established for Nantucket Shoals. The Board tasked the Technical Committee move forward with further study of additional spawning areas to include management and subarea man- agement for area 3 (Georges Bank area) and

possible alternative sampling measures. The Technical Committee report will report back to the Section at the next ASMFC annual meeting in 2013. For area 1A, the Section set the 2013 seasonal allocation the same as 2012, with 72.8% of the quota available from June – September and 27.2% available from Octo- ber – December. The Section agreed to close 1A at 95% of the quota and allow rollover of unused quota from the two periods. In May 2012, the ISFMP Policy Board

directed the Atlantic Herring Section to discuss and report back to the Policy Board on ways to address additional fl exibility and delayed implementation in the Herring FMP. The Section concluded that the FMP includes the necessary fl exibility to effec- tively manage the herring fi shery in a timely manner.

For more information, please contact

Toni Kerns, Acting ISFMP Director, at or 703.842.0740. Motions

Move to adopt Addendum V with amended appendices. Motion made by Mr. Grout and seconded by Mr. Adler. Motion carries unanimously. Move that the Technical Committee

move forward with a further study to in- clude management and subarea manage- ment for area 3 (Georges Bank area) and

possible alternative sampling measures and have the Technical Committee report back at the next ASMFC annual meeting in 2013. Motion made by Rep. Peake and seconded by Mr. R. White. Motion carries (4 in favor, 3 opposed).

Move that the 2013 specifi cations

replicate the 2012 specifi cations in Area 1A. Motion made by Mr. Stockwell and seconded by Mr. Abbott. Motion passes unanimously.

AMERICAN LOBSTER MANAGE- MENT BOARD (October 22) ASMFC American Lobster Board Ap- proves Draft Addendum XIX for Public Comment

Philadelphia, PA – The Commission’s American Lobster Board has approved Draft Addendum XIX to Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for American Lobster for public comment and review. The Draft Addendum propos- es to change the transfer tax for Lobster Conservation Management Area 3 (LCMA 3 - offshore waters) to a single conservation tax of 10% for full business or partial trap sales within the area. In approving Addendum XVIII in Au-

gust 2012, the American Lobster Manage- ment Board inadvertently failed to include a proposed change to LCMA 3’s transfer tax. Since this issue will be considered in

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the upcoming federal rule-making process this winter, the Commission’s Plan Devel- opment Team recommended that the Board fi nalize its action relative to the LCMA 3 transfer tax and provide its recommenda- tions to NOAA Fisheries during its winter 2012 public comment period on the LCMA 3 transfer tax. Both Addendum XVIII and Draft Ad-

dendum XIX respond to the depleted con- dition of the Southern New England (SNE) lobster resource and the Board’s intent to scale the capacity of the SNE fi shery to the size the SNE resource. Since the scope of the SNE resource encompasses all or part of six of the seven LCMAs established by Amendment 3, additional addenda will be developed to address effort reductions in the remaining LCMAs (4, 5, and 6). The Board will continue to work on addressing trap banking, controlled growth, and trap caps for LCMA 2 and 3 participants in the fi shery.

The Board also initiated development

of Draft Addendum XX to formalize mea- sures outlined in an agreement between the offshore lobster fi shery and sector trawl fi shermen for bottom sharing in Closed Area II of Georges Bank in order to protect large concentrations of egg bearing females and

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